8 Ideas for a Romantic Thanksgiving

8 Ideas for a Romantic Thanksgiving

The holiday season is fast approaching. Thanksgiving is essentially thought out to be a huge family affair with no time to speak to your partner even, let alone have a good romantic time with them. But this is changing. You can enjoy the day with your family, friends and also have an awesome romantic memory of thanksgiving with your partner.  Several things you can do with your partner, or for your partner to make it a memorable and romantic day for the both of you. [ Read: 8 Ideas for a Romantic #Thanksgiving ]

8 Ideas for a Romantic Thanksgiving

Try one of these ideas to have some mushy time with your partner.

  1. Cook Together

If you have several guests and relatives coming over to your place, you would sure be preparing a huge feast for them. And in any case, there are traditions during thanks giving to make turkey or some special dish. Rather than the wife cooking alone and the man watching the parade or the game alone, both of you’ll should get in the kitchen and get some work done. With so many chores to do in the kitchen, one could really use a hand. Also, it would make the entire process more easy and romantic when your partner joins you in the kitchen. So what you waiting for, go wear that apron! [ Read: 6 Tips for Your First #Thanksgiving as a New Couple


  1. Write a love letter

Love letters are passé. This only makes them more special and unique. Write a romantic love letter or mail to your partner stating how much you miss them. If they stay away from you, this is the best thing you can give them to make their thanks giving better and memorable.

  1. The Fireplace

What better time to snuggle up together than the thanks giving day. You would be pretty tired and exhausted by the end of the day, with the guests and all the cooking. Snuggle up with your partner near the fire place. Playing soft romantic music in the background will only make the setting mushier! [ Read: 7 Reasons Why Family Rules are Important ]

  1. Game night

If you have friends over, you can play some “couples games” which bring more fun to the environment and also makes you romantically inclined towards your partner. It’s a chance to show your bonding as a couple. Playing games like “twisters”, “poker”, “Pictionary” or “dumb charades” can liven up your drawing room.

  1. Make a playlist

Make a playlist of all the lovely songs you heard this year or your all time favorites. This would be “your playlist of the year” and would play all through the year. Make this a tradition and it will feel special and romantic. You will sigh and feel so very thankful for whatever you have listening to the special songs you have. [ Read: 20 Ways to become a Better Sister ]

  1. Volunteer together

Helping people in need can always remind you of all the blessings and good fortune you have had. Do something kind and helpful this thanks giving together as a couple. You get to see the new side of your partner and this makes the day only more productive and romantic for you two. Donating used cars, or old television box or something you don’t find very useful anymore is also something you can do. Volunteering together can be your romantic date and a way of giving back to the society together.

  1. Go for a long drive

Long drives never go out of fashion. Some couples prefer a long and quiet day away from all the noises and hustle bustle of the city. Go driving with your partner for a quiet and romantic thanks giving holiday. Include some snacks or treats to make the trip more enjoyable. [ Read: You make me Happy! You make our Family Happy. ]

  1. Make appreciation lists

Make a list of things about your partner that you really love and are thankful for. Give them this list and it is sure to make them shed a tear or two. It is the most amazing and romantic deed to do, this thanksgiving. Tell them why you like them so much and what makes you feel so blessed to be with them!

What are your plans this thanks giving? Share with us in the comments section!