8 Cool Gifting Ideas for Your Girlfriend

8 Cool Gifting Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Surprises and gifts are every woman’s dream. And they become more awaited and special if they come from their boyfriends or husbands. But is it really possible to shell in a fortune of money to get them something extravagant on every occasion around the corner. It could be her birthday, or the wedding anniversary, Christmas or even the New Year. Coming up with an expensive Tiffany, a Prada handbag or a Chanel perfume is not possible for every man around the world. Especially if the relationship is just getting started, it is only sensible to not splurge on such expensive gifts. We bring you some cool gifting ideas for your girlfriend. [ Read: Its his 30th Birthday! What to gift? ]

8 Cool gifting ideas for your girlfriend

Moreover, women appreciate the sentiment and the deed more than the actual gift given. So if you gift her something with love and sincerity, she will still feel like a princess! And remember, women always love something creative and out of the box. [ Read: Cute Valentine Day Gift Ideas For Him And For Her


So what are you waiting for? Try using the following easy on pocket ideas to make her feel loved and like a princess that she is.

  1. Photo Poster

Select a snap of her that she truly adores and holds close to her heart. If you are good with software, edit it and giving it some nice effects. Get it enlarged at a photo studio. Roll it and put a ribbon on it. Gift it to her and see the look on her face! She will surely keep it safe or if she likes it a lot, she might even frame it in her room. [ Read: Dude It’s Your First Kiss, Make it Large ]

  1. Self-Made Coupons

This is an interesting and funny idea for gifts. And it is more relevant if she is your wife or a live-in partner. Make ten to fifteen coupons and on each coupon write something that she would really love for you to do and keeps insisting on it mostly. So whenever she wants to get it done, she can simply just hand you the coupon and you will abide by it. Simple things like preparing a dinner, giving her a foot massage, buying groceries or ironing her dresses! This will give her the much needed relief and she will surely love watching you do her chores.

  1. Sticky Notes

Use sticky notes for what they are meant to be. Write cute love messages from your heart for her and hide it everywhere around the house. It can be on the fridge, beneath the pillow, on the microwave or on the cordless. Make sure she reads them only when you are not at home. This will surely make her smile and make her day. You will surely receive a sweet phone call from her. [ Read: 6 Romantic Things to do for Your Girlfriend ]

  1. Collage

What is a better way to cherish her companionship than preparing a photo collage of yours and hers special moment? Assort all the pictures over different times through the years. Put them together in a colorful collage and give it a beautiful frame. This will surely take her back to the beautiful journey that you both have had together.

  1. A pup or a kitten

Many animals are ill-treated and are often up for adoption. Adopt a puppy or a kitten if your girlfriend is fond of pets. Nothing will cheer her more than taking care of an animal baby who is need of help. [ Read: These HEART Touching Things will Make Every Woman HAPPY]

  1. A mixed tape or CD

Now this is a common idea alright. But well, what if you record some special favorite songs in your own voice and gift it to her? Maybe you aren’t much of a singer, but it is the sentiment which counts. This is bound to touch her heart and who knows, it might even leave her in splits!

  1. Wordsmith

Use big letter cut outs from a newspaper, magazines or the letters from a scrabble game which make up your name, her name and the word ‘loves’. Use those cut outs or scrabble pieces on a cardboard or a slate saying “A” Loves “B”. Decorate it with gift wrapping papers, flowers, color papers and make it innovative. There, now she owns a cute handmade love sign by you. [ Read: Are You the Kind of Guy Who She can Take Home to Her Mom?]

  1. Make a cool love scrap book

This is my favorite. It might be a little tedious but it is worth it. Take a small and empty notebook. Number all its pages for example, 1 to 100 at the bottom of the page. Start making a puzzle, directive sort of notebook full of praises and love messages for her. For example, page one can say “This is for the coolest girl ever. Turn to page 20.”  The page 20 can say, “I love you so much baby, it hurts.  Turn to page 5.” On page 5 you can draw a heart and write turn to page 60. Over there you can stick a photo of you mesmerized by her and so on! This way she will be flipping pages back and forth excitedly and you can just stare away at her!

What are other cool gifting ideas for your girlfriend? Share with us in the comments section.