8 Body Language Signs During First Dates

8 Body Language Signs During First Dates

First dates can be awkward, impressive or even exciting. There is always the big question mark of whether HE would call back for the next date or whether SHE would agree for the next date. But there are a few ways to lessen the suspense and derive various conclusions from the body language of your date while you are out with them the first time. [ Read: Commitment Mania :Reasons YOU Fear to Commit]

8 Body Language Signs During First Dates

We humans have very common ways of reacting to things and knowingly or unknowingly our body language tends to give out what is there in our mind. So, although your date might say, it was great and he or she would call you back, it doesn’t necessarily happen so. This is because; no one wants to be rude or upfront to anyone on a date night. But you can surely guess what you can expect by their body language. [ Read: Men And Their Ridiculous Break-up Lines


  1. Hands folded

This usually means that your date is withholding his or her thoughts and not being completely honest to you. They don’t want to reveal things and want to be in control. This is not a good sign for a future date. [ Check out: 6 Non verbal signs of love ]

  1. Leaning forward

This usually means that the person is inclined towards you and is very interested in your talks and wants to hear more from you. He or she clearly has an interest in you. This is a very good sign for a future date.

  1. Looking here and there

This portrays signs of boredom. The person is not just disinterested in your talks; he or she is more interested in the surroundings or wants to get out of the date as soon as possible. This is a bad sign for a future date with them.

  1. Smiling and listening intently

This clearly shows that the person is interested in you and is enjoying your company. He or she is interested in your talk and would look forward to meeting you again. It is a positive sign for you.

  1. Always on the phone

If a person is constantly texting or excuses himself again and again owing to calls, he or she is definitely regretting coming down for a date. It surely means that the person finds his or her phone apps to be more interesting than you. As he or she cannot get rid of his phone for even 30 minutes, it is a bad sign for you. They are not really worth your time. [ Also read: 20 Signs that you are a hopeless romantic ]

  1. Biting nails or covering mouth with palm

Some people have this bad habit of chewing their nails or covering their mouths while talking. But according to body language science, it shows signs of nervousness. It might not necessarily be a bad sign, it might just show that the person is sort of intimidated or a bit nervous and hasn’t really opened in front of you yet.

  1. Brushing hair with hands

Girls and guys both have this habit of fondling their own hair or playing with their hair. This shows signs of blushing or shying off. It is a cute gesture and shows keen interest in you or probably what you said really made them blush or conscious. It could also be that they want to look super in front of you. This is a good sign for future dates with the person.

  1. Extending palm on the table

If the person is extending their hand over the table or holding hands with you it means that the person is really into you. You have a great chance of landing with the person and the person really likes you a lot. It is a sure shot positive sign for your romantic life with your date. [ Read here: 21 ways to start a conversation with the guy you like ]

What are the other signs that you encounter while on first dates and what do they usually mean to you? Share your experiences with us and other users in the comments section.