8 Best Things about Long Distance Relationship

8 Best Things about Long Distance Relationship

It is not always necessary to be physically available in order to have a healthy relationship. If mutual understanding is good then long distance relationship can also be very pleasant. Today we can find a lot of couples who are happy even if their love interest is sitting far away from them. There is a very different and incomparable enjoyment in such type of relationships.

8 Best Things about Long Distance Relationship

Following are some of the best things about long distance relationships.

  1. Every small communication is precious:

The feeling of receiving a call or even a short message is very soothing. Any type of communication is always anticipated and is always eagerly received and that initiates a very spontaneous smile on face. That is the reason why people in long distance relationships preserve all the communications very properly. You might find their mobile inbox flooded with messages. Ask them to delete and they would hardly agree to you. Even a small ‘hello’ means a lot to them. Also they would eagerly wait for the time when they would talk to each other and share up all the things. [ Read: 9 tips to work out a long #distance relationship


  1. Adventurous:

It is nothing to get surprised about the fact that there is a certain type of adventure in this type of relationship. Those who are in such type of relationship would try to find out ways as how to communicate and when to communicate. They would first go for voice calls and then would exchange text messages. Even after that they would not mind getting connected over the internet and chat using the number of social networking sites.  [ Read: 15 Ways to Save a Long Distance #Relationship ]

  1. The excitement:

The excitement to see each other after a long time is simply great. The feeling that one gets from it cannot be expressed in words. It can be correctly said as the happiest moments of life. They would actually try to utilize each and every moment of being together which we hardly miss if someone is always close to us. Also the excitement to hear from your lover after a long time is also very pleasant. Just say them that you are going to call again at a specific date and they would start counting days from the moment you disconnect the phone, and when that day and time finally arrives, you can literally feel their heartbeat from few meters away. [ Read: Why Saying, “I Love You” Too Soon Is Not A Good Idea ]

  1. Better expressions:

Another best part of being in a long distance relationship is that we improve a lot on how to express ourselves. We value each other’s time and profession and would always like to give space as much as possible. We try to make it a point not to disturb each other by any means. A very strong understanding develops and it really helps a lot in the long run. [ Read: Ways To Hurt Less And Love More In A Relationship ]

  1. Love is more intense:

It is very true that the love that exists between the two involved in long distance relationship is lot more intense and precious then the one which exists between those who are always available close by. [ Read: 15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You ]

  1. Less drama:

Since their love is away so they try to minimize the level of drama and try to care for each other’s feelings and emotions a lot more. Obviously we would not do anything that would hurt the other person and also we cannot judge as to how much that person was hurt. We take each step with lot of precautions. If any of the two is angry then the other person finds out ways to make her happy as soon as possible. Hardly such misunderstandings extends for a long period. It is like sad in the morning but happier by the evening or lately by night. [ Read: 5 Reasons why one sided love borders self destruction ]

  1. No worry about looks:

This is probably the best thing about being in a long distance relationship. You are not at all concerned about how you look when you are talking on phone or sending any text message. Thus a lot of time is saved on getting ready which is utilized fruitfully in spending time with our loved one. You are truly realized that every minute is very precious. [ Read: The little things – So BIG in Relationships ]

  1. Trust is more:

It is often seen that long distance relationships actually last long. They actually know the true meaning of being committed and hence would not get involved with any other person when their partners are away. The trust that each one has for the other is simply incomparable. A person is trained as how to live without each other and so we can expect a lot of love from each other when we are close. Real trustworthiness of a person is tested only when a person is far away. [ Read: Core of all Relationships is Spiritual ]

It is very true fact that the value of a relationship increases if there is some distance between them. Are you in a long distance relationship too? Do let us know how closely you can relate to the above stated facts.