7 Ways to Start Healing Your Relationship after an Affair

7 Ways to Start Healing Your Relationship after an Affair

Cheating on your partner and infidelity is a very harsh thing to do. Sometimes, due to the heat of the moment people lose control and end up making the grave mistake of cheating on their beloved partners. It could be your boyfriend, your wife or your fiancée. Cheating is prevalent across all age groups and it is on the rise. Cheating might seem very tempting and unpredictable at first, but at the end of it, it fills you with self pity, hatred and lot of guilt. It makes you awkward around your partner and you aren’t able to face them. Some people love their partners like crazy but still go ahead to cheat on them. But later, they want to wash off their sins and start healing their relationship with their partner.

7 Ways to Start Healing Your Relationship after an Affair

It may seem simple by hiding the truth and just going on with life. But it is important that you confront your partner in order to start off with the relationship all over again.

  1. Confront your partner

The first thing you should do, is to confront your partner in the wake of the mistake that you committed. Tell them what led you to do such a thing, and how much you regret it. Be honest about it to them and tell them everything they want to know. [ Check out: 6 ways to help your friend overcome a break up


  1. Apology and sincere forgiveness

Apologize profusely for your mistake. Give them a written apology. Tell them that you’re sorry for making their life tough and doing something so unnecessary behind their back. Tell them how much you love them and want to be with only them for the rest of your lives.

  1. Open to sharing things

You should now be open to sharing every detail of your life with them. Its obvious that they will be checking your phones sometimes, they might even ask you about your whereabouts and why you came home late. Be open to being an open book about everything to your partner. Be honest with them, it’s the least that they deserve.

  1. Listen to them

They’re bound to have a lot of pain and angst inside them due to your actions. They’d feel miserable, cheated and foolish. They would even be disgusted by your presence. They would be angry and tell you hurtful things. You have to listen to them. You must let them vent out their anger and their frustration. Let them decide how they want to deal with the situation. Let them decide what kind of amends you are to make for the mistakes you made. [ Also read: 5 Reasons to NOT hate your EX ]

  1. Give them time to get over it

Don’t rush into being normal with them. Don’t try to suffocate them. For a few months, they might not even want to look at you, but things will heal with time. Give them time to get over the incident. Don’t push them to talk to you or be around you. Give them time and space while doing your best to prove to them that you have changed.

  1. Don’t pretend like everything is fine

Just confronting your partner and apologizing for your mistake doesn’t make everything okay. Things will take their own course to heal and get back to normal. Don’t pretend like everything is super. Don’t try to get close to them or be like you would in your early days with them. They might not behave well with you, and that is fine. Give them time and don’t get too close unless they want to speak to you.

  1. Work harder to make up for your mistake

Since you’ve made a mistake and broken your loved one’s heart, it is important for you to convince them of your love and assure them that such things won’t ever happen again. You will need to constantly assure them, not only by your words but also your actions that you are ready to work past this ugly phase and willing to give in whatever this relationship needs. [ Read here: 8 signs that you still aren’t over your EX ]

Have you ever gone through such tough circumstances with your partner? How did you overcome such situations? Tell us in the comments section.