7 Ways to Make your Next Vacation way More Affordable

7 Ways to Make your Next Vacation way More Affordable

Who doesn’t love a vacation? Families usually take a vacation every year. With the excessive price hike in every sector of transport and tourism, vacations can cause a huge dent in the pocket. The finances should be maintained and budgeted before taking the vacation or else you will end up with a huge pile of money whisked off. [ Read: 7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Dating Disasters ]

7 ways to make your next vacation way more affordable

What are some easy tips and tricks to make your next vacation more affordable?

  1. Travel during the off season

What can be a bigger money saver than while traveling during the off season? The flight prices are lower comparatively. Even the hotels give you their rooms at a much reasonable price. If you are lucky, you might also be upgraded to a better room by the staff. Also, you could try booking for your vacation months in advance. This way, its highly likely that you will get a terrific deal! [ Read: Make Your #Vacation An Everlasting Memory ]

  1. Save on meals

Always carry a pack of homemade sandwiches and snacks while traveling. Sometimes, you or your children might give in to the fancy food at the airports which can cost you heavily. Try making their favorite snack pack, so that they have instant food ready to have whenever they are hungry. You could also try eating at cheaper restaurants and cafes instead of the posh hotel you are staying at. Talking with the locals at the place might help you get into a cheaper restaurant than you would by your own self. Try to cook your own food if you are staying in a house. Use the kitchen to your advantage!

  1. Car Rental

Try using a tourist bus for sightseeing. If the tourist spots are not that far off to your accommodation, you can actually walk down there. This will also give you a chance to see the city or town in a better manner. Try to find the cheapest car rental before hand and book them in advance. Don’t take a huge car, if you are just two of you. A smaller car is bound to have a smaller charge for the travel. You could share the car with another family or couple and get to make new friends while saving on a lot of money as well. [ Read: Make Your #Vacation An Everlasting Memory ]

  1. Travel with a group

Even if you are going out with your family, try to get together a few of your friends and their families. This way, you will get a huge group discount and of course, you will enjoy the trip even more with your friends around you.  A group of ten or fifteen people is good enough to get you enough savings on your meals or accommodation.

  1. Fish for coupons and deals

Use the coupons you might have collected for a year to get some extra discounts. There are many last minute deals for flights and travel, which you could make a good use of. So keep an eye for such stuff. Try to use your credit card as much as possible, to collect reward points and get other benefits. Try to redeem your points while on vacation to get the best deals. [ Read: Most Romantic #Vacation Spots For Troubled Couples To Boost Their Relationship ]

  1. Accommodation

It’s not necessary that if you go for a vacation, you need to splurge on fancy hotels. You can try opting for cheaper options like a furnished apartment or you can borrow your friend’s farmhouse or apartment if they have one over there. Hotel accommodation prices can skyrocket your expenses, especially if you are to stay there for a week or more

  1. Research before you plan

Last, but not the least. A little bit of research always comes in handy. If you have a friend who has already been to that place, have a word with them to avoid the mistakes they did. Use the internet and various websites that can help you with the inter city or intra city transport and good eateries in the town. [ Read: Video: Boyfriend Flies Thousands of Miles to Surprise his Girlfriend. What Happened NEXT will MELT your HEART ]

 What are your tips and tricks to make a vacation more affordable and fun at the same time? Share your views with us in the comments section.