7 Ways to Express Yourself and Keep a Healthy Relationship

7 Ways to Express Yourself and Keep a Healthy Relationship

Relationships can be tough at times. There might be miscommunications, judgments, egoistic patterns and communication faults. Sometimes, your pride overpowers your senses and you fail to see anything beyond yourself. Every relationship has a health, it is important to maintain the health of relationship with certain exercise that can be done to improve the communication between two people. Things are important, the way they are said. The content, the tone and the manner, in which things are said, have a lot of impact on the communication.

7 Ways to Express Yourself and Keep a Healthy Relationship

Let’s have a look at few things to keep in mind when you are communicating to a friend, spouse or a colleague, how to make it an effective communication.

  1. Don’t use a rude tone

Most problems that occur in a relation are due to the rude and high pitch that is used to convey them. Yelling your lungs out is not going to solve anything. Having a rude tone, will only depress the other person and think badly of you. Your voice tone should be clear and precise rather than loud and hurtful. There is no path to recovery if you use a loud and rude tone. [ Check out: 7 Reasons why guys can be commitment phobic


  1. Focus on the problem, not the person

Don’t blame the person again and again, if you are pointing out a fault. Focus on the problem at hand, and explain how it should be solved and what problems it can create if it is delayed. Don’t make the person feel that everything in the world is wrong because of them. It is important that they feel that you are upset with the problem and not the person and that you aren’t blaming them.

  1. Don’t get violent or make faces, while communicating

Don’t use violence. Don’t raise your hand or make a fist while you’re talking. Avoid making bad faces or frustration faces when communicating. You are showing aggression when you are making faces or using violence when talking to someone. This is just the road to ineffective and unhealthy communication!

  1. Don’t use “extreme” words

Don’t use words like love, hate, detest, extremely, pathetic, miserable in your conversation. Use a subtle way to say things. Using extreme words makes a conversation seem very one sided. Extreme words can make the person feel that the degree of what you say is very severe and is irreparable even and you are completely opposed to what they think. [ Read here: 6 ways to handle a passive partner ]

  1. Choose a right time for saying things

Don’t go on blaming someone when they are in a bad mood or they are having personal problems. Similarly, don’t use the streets to convey something important to a person. One must use the right place and right time to convey an important topic they have in mind.

  1. Learn to listen to other person

A conversation is not complete, until it is accepted, received and reverted with a reply. So wait, for the other person’s response and hear them carefully. Listen to what they have to say, without being impatient and reckless. They might have something important to tell you, which might be of use to you. They can even provide an update on how things are, and what you think they are. Listening is very important for effective communication.

  1. Have a solution at hand

There is no point talking about a problem and discussing it, unless you have a plan of action at hand. Have a solution at hand for the problems you are encountering, without which the discussion becomes futile and useless. Become a problem solver and not a problem giver. No one likes those people! Any relationship requires somebody who is quick to solve problems and does not enhance them. [ Also read: 5 Fun Ways to Add Spark into Your #Relationship ]

How do you deal with communication barriers in your relationship? Please share your tips and tricks for effective communication in the comments section.