7 Ways to Deal with a Possessive Boyfriend

7 Ways to Deal with a Possessive Boyfriend

A relationship is based on the solid foundation of trust and understanding. However no relationship is devoid of jealousy or possessiveness. Sometimes the girl in the relation is possessive, sometimes they have a possessive boyfriend. Is it a sin to be jealous? No. Does it mean that the person being possessive is a psycho? No!  People have different personalities and natures. Some are more easygoing and trusting, whereas others are more dubious and skeptical. This is not due to a personal choice; it can be due to previous experiences, upbringing or other factors in life. [ Read: Hidden Signs: Your Boyfriend Is Cheating ]

7 ways to deal with a possessive boyfriend

You might love your boyfriend a lot. You also find him cute when he gets jealous over other guys. But when he becomes extremely possessive and jealous for silly reasons, is it still cute? Not really. It becomes tougher and tougher to deal with such things as time passes.

Then, in such a scenario, what should a girl do? How does she deal with the possessive nature of her boyfriend?

  1. Make him trust you

Trusting is a very important deed in a relationship. If you are lying to him, stop it. This will only put you in a worse situation if he ever finds it out. Make him trust you by your actions, your openness. Don’t lock your phone as you would expect him to do the same for you. Be loyal to him and tell him things as they are. Make him realize that you are making efforts for him, so that he can trust you and have a recovery from his paranoia. [ Read: Become a Good Girlfriend to Your Boyfriend!


  1. Loving words and actions

More often than not, saying loving and thoughtful words to your boyfriend will calm him down instantly. Make sure to tell him that you adore him and respect him. Be romantic and sweet to him, which will take his mind off the trivial things.

  1. Be open about your relation

Being hideous about your relation and secretive will not help. Introduce him as your boyfriend to people and your friends. Make sure he knows that you don’t hesitate to talk about him and your relationship with him to anybody. [ Read: 8 Best Things to Make for Your Boyfriend That Will Surprise Him ]

  1. Make him understand

Just because you like a guy and have a relation with him since some time, doesn’t mean you have to give up on all your friends and colleagues, if they are guys. Tell him the importance of the person in your life who he is getting jealous about. Make him understand that he is important to you, but that doesn’t neglect the importance of other people in your life and they deserve your attention too.

  1. Don’t share stories of guys hitting on you

Every girl faces a random guy or a friend of a friend hitting on her when at a party or a reunion etc. It usually does not mean anything; you might even ignore the person. You don’t have to go and tell such small incidents which don’t really matter to you, to your boyfriend. This will raise doubts in his mind and it will backfire on you.  Don’t praise a single guy way too much in front of your boyfriend. This will isolate the guy in his head and might lead to insecurity or jealousy [ Read: My Boyfriend Hasn’t Introduced Me To His Parents Yet – What To Do? ]

  1. Meet them up

It is only good sense to make your long term boyfriend meet your other guy pals and colleagues. It will help him see what is the kind of vibe that you and your pals share and help him deal with his issues. It will also make him trust you more and wouldn’t hurt him as much as his crazy imagination would.

  1. Consult a counselor

If all fails, then it is better to consult a doctor for the purpose so that he can give an appropriate treatment to him. If he still gets jealous over small and trivial things and makes your life living hell, it is best to get out of such a relationship. [ Read: TOP 10: Conversations that Makes You Awkward ]

How have you dealt with your possessive boyfriend? Do share your experiences with us in the comments section. Feel free to share this post with someone who could use it!