7 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Lend You Money

7 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Lend You Money

Sometimes you might need a little more money than what you get as pocket money. It might be for a big party that you are throwing for your friend’s birthday or it could be that you need to prepare for a big date with your new girlfriend. [ Read: My Boyfriend Hasn’t Introduced Me To His Parents Yet – What To Do? ]

7 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Lend You Money

High school or college is a time when youngsters often feel the need for some extra bucks. Children often seek the money from their parents at this stage and often hold regret if they aren’t lent some. You must realize that this is their money and they earn it for your well being too. But if they are holding it back or not lending it to you, it is only to make you responsible and smart in money matters.

So what are some easy ways to convince your parents to lend you some money?

  1. Tell them it is for a good cause

Parents will often lend money to their children if they are participating in some big event, donating it somewhere or helping somebody out. You can tell them it is for a good cause. You may also say that it is for your school picnic or exhibition. [ Check out: 20 ways to become a better brother


  1. Adjust it with next month’s pocket money

You can convince them to pay you a little extra this month and they could cut the extra amount from your next month’s pocket money. Or you can say that you will repay them as soon as you can.

  1. Do some chores

This is the best way to earn some money from your parents. Mothers often need some household work done pronto. Convince your mother that you can clean the store room or would do some laundry for some extra money. You can also mow the garden or get her the groceries she requires.  With your dad, you can get him to lend you some money by getting his car repaired, getting his garage cleaned up or getting his favorite pizza for him.

  1. Be open to your parents

Parents value honesty and might lend you money if you were honest about the reason. Telling them that it is for your friend’s big birthday party or your first trip with friends is not so bad. Of course, this wouldn’t work every time. But if you seldom ask for extra bucks, this can be a good way to go ahead.

  1. Match your incoming and outgoing funds

If your parents see that you respect the value of money, they won’t restrict you much. It is always better to keep an account of how much money you got in a month and where you spent it all. Occasionally discussing your monthly expenditure with your parents will only make them trust you more with money matters.

  1. Offer to do something they always wanted you to

Your parents might be asking you to meet an aunt or get a haircut since months. You never really paid heed to it. It could also be as simple as cleaning your room or babysitting your younger sibling. If they have asked you for studying, make sure you get better grades. Promise them to be a better student. If there is something that your parents always asked you to do, you can do that and earn some money off it.

  1. Be grateful and appreciative

It is not your parent’s duty to lend you more and more money according to your lavish lifestyle. Their duty is just to accommodate you or give you money for travelling and food until you are an adult. So don’t nag them for money, or hold grudges against them. You must respect them and be grateful to them. Understand that they want to do things for you, but you need to be more responsible and better behaved too. Be patient with them and they might just give you the money outright. [ Read here: Being a Casanova – Pros and Cons ]

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