7 Unique Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special

7 Unique Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special

Are you searching for the best ways to make your boyfriend feel special? He does his part to make you feel special but you always keep wondering as what to do.

7 Unique Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special

The following are some of the best ways that you must do to make your boyfriend realize that how special he is.

  1. Find reasons to compliment:

Always feel free to compliment him. Whether on how he is looking or how well he can complete a particular job, men also seeks compliments and that to genuine ones so that they can feel good about themselves. Just casually appreciate the dress he is wearing or the new beard style that he has kept. You must find ways to express him that you are the one who notices every time all the positive things about him. He would definitely feel special to hear someone feeling so good about him. [ Read: Cute Little Things Guys Do That Girls LOVE So Much…


  1. Express out your love:

Don’t keep it within yourself. Express out the love that you hold for him even personally and also when you are in public. Hold hands and let him know that you are always with him and you like to be in his company always. Just tell him that you are the best person on earth when you are with him and believe me you could see that immense happiness in his eyes and also in his body language. You can also try out other creative ways like sing a romantic song for him, write a few romantic lines about him or you may even simply write the three simple yet meaningful words ,“I love you” in a piece of paper and smartly place it inside his purse or briefcase. It would really make him feel loved. [ Read: Simple Expectations of A Girlfriend From Her #Boyfriend ]

  1. Take care:

Don’t be lazy in taking care of his every little need. Men are sometimes very messy and they generally keep their daily usage products badly organized. You could never find things in their exact places if you visit their rooms. So you can take care of it and help in getting things organized. Your boyfriend would feel very special if you could help him in simplifying things. Also be by his side when he falls sick or is too busy eating. Do come forward and make him feel relaxed. How great it would be if you could feed him with your own hands. He would definitely feel very happy. [ Read: 7 Best Ways To Deepen His Love For You ]

  1. Keep motivating him:

Don’t ever let him lose hope from whatever things he is engaged into. It would be very good if you could be his mentor and get him back on track whenever he is diverting from his original path. Make him realize his goals and motivate him so that he can achieve it easily. Women are very good at it and that is the reason why most of the successful men give the credit of their success to a woman. In his case you can definitely try to be the one. Once he is able to live up to his expectations by your support, he is going to feel really special about you in his life. [ Read: 10 Biggest Dating Turn Off’s for Guys That Girls Don’t Know About! ]

  1. Gift him things he loves:

You must know about his likes and dislikes, so try to gift occasionally that he would definitely love to have. Like bringing him the food he likes. You can also gift him his time. What actually we mean to say is that quite often they would like to spend some time with themselves. Do support that and let them be alone. This would make him feel special about the fact that you really care for his emotions. [ Read: Most Amazingly Terrific Tips To Melt Your Guy’s Heart ]

  1. Stay in touch:

Like send a short message or just call him up and ask what he was doing. This shows that you are very eager to know about his well being. It really feels special to know when someone says they were remembering you. It doesn’t always require a long and deep conversation to express your emotions out. A small token of love in the form of quick calls and text would work wonders. [ Read: 7 Romantic Ways To Say Good Morning To Your #Boyfriend Or Girlfriend ]

  1. Keep surprising:

Now who doesn’t like surprises? use your imagination and plan out ways to surprise him. You need not be worrying about how effective it would be. Just a small and honest attempt from your side would make him realize that he is indeed very special for you. Like for instance arrange a get together party of his childhood friends on his birthday about whom he had always talked about and missed. You can also surprise him up by changing your appearance according to his wishes. Like wear that color of dress that would make him feel happy. [ Read: 6 Things Men Will Never Tell You But You Know Are True ]

After you try out the above ways on your boyfriend you would understand how effective they were. Don’t be surprised if he calls you up and says that you are someone who makes him feel special always. What other compliments you received from him, do let us know.