7 Types of Women that Put a Man Off

7 Types of Women that Put a Man Off

This is the successive post to types of men that put a woman off. It is only fair to present the other gender perspective on the same. Men can get turned off quite easily if women starts to get on their nerves, especially on first dates. Some men say it upfront and leave while some others behave decent till they leave but never call back. [ Read: 7 Types of Men that Put a Woman Off ]

7 Types of Women that Put a Man Off

If you are one of the below mentioned women, you know why men avoid you and don’t call you back!

  1. Miss Loud Mouth

This woman can go on and on about something. She talks a lot and can bore the hell out of anybody. She doesn’t necessarily give others a chance to speak. Remember Janice from our beloved sitcom FRIENDS. She might cut off the other person while they are talking which is quite irritating. She will talk about the gas or electricity prices, about the furniture at her apartment or about her credit card bill. Such women become the center of attention at every party or even at a restaurant, and not necessarily for the good reasons. [ Read: 10 Things that You do Annoy Your Guy


  1. Miss Goody Two Shoes

It can also be translated as miss pretentious. Nobody likes pretentious people who behave righteous about everything. They can get very annoying and may seem a normal person like a big time sinner. They might have a history of getting into drug rehab but they will play miss goody two shoes, which can come off as fake and artificial.

  1. Miss Veronica Lodge

We all know Veronica Lodge from the Archies Comics. She was a snob. A daddy’s girl with all the riches, although teenaged guys can fall head over heels for such girls, mature men don’t really like snobs and daddy’s girls to that extent. They can be extremely bratty and behave like a teenage queen, which is not bearable to an average man with reasonable intellect. [ Read: 13 Annoying Things Boyfriends Do and How to Avoid Them]

  1. Miss Ex-perimental

Some women try to experiment with dating after a recent break up. Eventually the topic of conversation steers to her EX and his mistakes. Such women can be a waste of time for men. They are usually hung up on their ex boyfriend and need time to get over it. They try to push themselves into the dating scene but are not quite ready for it.

  1. Miss Family Girl

A lady who only talks about her family, her brother, her parents can be quite a turn off too. Nobody wants to discuss their family tree at a fancy restaurant on a date night. Let that go, keep it for later date. Revealing too much about your family, their professions, their romantic lives can seem like a forced conversation which men don’t really enjoy until much later in a relationship. [ Read: Annoying Habits Any Guy Would Hate About His Girlfriend]

  1. Miss shopaholic

A girl who can’t get over her shoes, bags, dresses, diamond jewelry and cosmetics is not somebody men prefer. She needs to have an idea when to stop talking about shopping. All she can talk about is brands and price tags. Such a girlfriend can alternatively make a dent in the guy’s pocket too. Hence men usually avoid the shopaholic ladies. No man wants to be following a girl around in shopping malls holding her shopping bags all the time.

  1. Miss Rush-more

Some women are ready to make a family or steer away for a vacation right after a couple of dates. Men don’t like women who start dreaming of becoming their bride before actually even knowing everything about them.  The fast paced women ready to rush into a serious relationship the moment something clicks aren’t an ideal choice for men. These women need to get a hold on themselves and wait until things get serious before pressurizing others or forcing others to believe what they think. [ Read: GUYS that You should Avoid Dating.]

What kind of women put you off while on a date? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.