7 Types of People You Need to Kick Out of Your Life

7 Types of People You Need to Kick Out of Your Life

Meeting different people adds to our growth and helps us widen our perspective about the world. Having said that, there are certain people who do not add anything valuable to our life and only bring down our growth as an individual. Such people should be shown the door as soon as possible. Here is a list of seven kinds of people who you need to kick out of your life:

7 Types of People You Need to Kick Out of Your Life


  1. The narcissist

It’s one thing to love yourself and another thing to obsessing over yourself to the extent of forgetting the entire world. A narcissist is a person who has a huge ego and is in awe of himself. He refuses to see faults in himself and holds him above everything and everyone in the world. You should avoid the company of such a person because they have no regard for you and are only worried about their own needs. Such people are driven only by selfish motives. [ Read: IT’S ALL ABOUT  THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE!


  1. The liars

A person who is a compulsive liar loses the trust of everyone around him. How can you trust who lies all the time? How do you figure out as to when he is speaking the truth and when he is not? We all have lied at some point in our lives and there are occasions when we are forced to say something which is not true. Sometimes one has to hide the truth to prevent a person from being hurt. That’s understandable. What’s not acceptable is when people lie for no reason or for their own selfish motives.

  1. The abusers

It is okay to be friends with a person who abuses occasionally but how can you stand the company of a person who uses foul language all the time to express himself? If you keep such company, there are high chances of you speaking in the same filthy language as your friend. Ask the person to control his language. Tell him there are better ways to express anger than using foul language. If he fails to do so, stay away from him. [ Read: People often believe that they are in love but they are actually]

  1. People who don’t forgive

We keep making mistakes all our lives. People close to us forgive us if we happen to hurt them in some way. It’s important to have a big heart and overlook the mistakes of our loved ones. If somebody really loves you, then they will forgive you for all your mistakes. They would not like to see you suffering from your mistakes and forgive you easily. If your friend would rather see you suffer than forgive you for your mistake, then he is not your friend.

  1. People who create fiction

There must be some people in your group who create tension within your friends. Such sadistic people get their daily dose of entertainment by witnessing fights, quarrels etc within the group. They are always happy to create some drama. Not just the group, they bring negativity in your life as well. Such people serve no purpose other than making you feel miserable about everything. [ Read: What Happens When We Start Trusting Someone ]

  1. The naysayers

Some people develop a very negative attitude towards life because of some reason. Their negative attitude could also because of the fact that they have had some bad experiences in life. Such people do not see any good in life and try to make you believe in the same notion. It’s important to avoid the company of such people as they slow down your growth and bring in negative energies in your life. Worse, they can turn you into a naysayer yourself.

  1. People who want to change you

There are some people who are so confident of themselves that they feel everybody around is inferior to them. They are so much in love with themselves that they feel everybody should be like them and try to imbibe the qualities they have. Such people would find faults with everything that you do and try to turn you into their clones. Their sense of superiority is so high that they cannot see any fault in them and believe they are perfect. [ Read: Things You Do That Can Get You Closer To Your Soul Mate]

We find it difficult to let go of people whom we have known for a long time. You do not have to communicate your displeasure with them directly. You could try to find some ways to avoid them so that you do not get adversely affected by their company. Why should you hold on to people who make you sad and feel bad about yourself? You know you should kick a person out of your life when he brings nothing but negativity in your life. The people around us are the ones that make us or break us. Therefore, it is very important to find the right people to hang out with. Steer clear of bad company.