7 Types of Men that Put a Woman Off

7 Types of Men that Put a Woman Off

No matter how much we run away from stereotypes and say that we don’t really belong to any stereotype, there is always one quality or trait that makes us get bracketed in that stereotype.  And there are certain stereotypes which are absolutely unbearable to a woman or a man. So if you think some of your traits make you fall under one of those categories which might put a women off, you know why women avoid you that much. And if you are not in any of the categories, I’m sure you attract many women and keep them laughing and entertained. [ Read: 10 Signs He Has a Girlfriend and is Already Taken ]

7 Types of Men that Put a Woman Off

In this post, let me talk about what kind of men really put a woman off.

  1. The Blabber mouths

A guy who doesn’t know when to stop talking and will go on and on without realizing whether the woman with him is getting bored or wants to stay something is a big turn off for women. Some men talk beyond limits, be it about their online dating experience, their new hairstyle or office environment. [ Read: Questions That Will Definitely Turn Your Date Off


  1. The abusers

This is not even funny and it doesn’t even relate to women. Maybe you aren’t really abusing the woman you are with, but abusing the people while driving or a waiter at restaurant or constantly cursing your co workers while talking about them, is a strict no-no. It can often embarrass a woman, when a man can’t control his temper and seems like he will burst out at anyone who comes in his way.

  1. The Electronic addicts

This refers to anything like a television, mobile phone, desktop, laptop or a play station. A man surely loves his electronic gadgets and wants to spend enough time with them, but going over the top with it will put off a woman big time. Women like guys who can give them attention and make them feel special despite all the distractions in the world. [ Read: Biggest Turn-Offs for Women That All Men Should Know About ]

  1. The two peas in a pod guy

Guys who want their girl to accompany them everywhere they go, except the bathroom, can be quite a turn off too. After a while, it begins to feel like that the woman has become their mom. Hash tagging her name in every post on social networking, being extremely cute in public can be a turn off too. This kind of behavior can be quite suffocating for a woman. A guy who is independent as well as romantic when required, the one who can manage his own stuff and make enough time for his woman is what women yearn for.

  1. The ninjas

They are the men who can’t wait to get into a fight with people physically. Grabbing someone’s collar or punching someone’s face is a regular day for them. Women do like a man who can stand up for her and can fight if required, but if this is your hobby, then please – don’t expect women to adjust with that, cause that is just a major turn off. [ Read: 7 Types of Women that put a Man off ]

  1. The sweet potatoes

The men who keep praising their woman all the time, and behave like there is absolutely no one else in their world except that women, can be a turn off too. Cause after a while it just gets extremely pretentious and can be quite irritating. Men should be able to acknowledge others and appreciate others, while not insulting their partner, that’s what every girl dreams of.

  1. The workaholics

Work is important and should be attended to and taken care of but at the cost of your family, girlfriend or friends? Not really! Why does one earn money? Mostly it is, to spend it on their loved ones or to lead a satiating life with their family. When you engross yourself completely in work, that no one can make you get out of it, it is definitely a bad choice. Women like men who have a work – life balance and can balance both maturely and smartly. [ Read: 10 Signs You Need To Back Off When Pursuing A Girl ]

What kind of men put you off? Share with us in the comments section!