7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Dating Disasters

7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Dating Disasters

The holiday season is here again. It is decorated and celebration everywhere. You might often bump into couples holding their hands and walking down the street. The entire ambiance and weather is so romantic that it makes you miss the special person in your life.

7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Dating Disasters

But during the holiday season we often tend to get carried away and gather disappointment around us, even if we are dating somebody newly, since a few years or are single!

There are some things we need to keep in mind to avoid a complete disaster from happening and ruining everyone’s moods over the holidays and special occasions.

  1. It’s okay if you are single

Don’t fret if you are single during the holiday season. While you might miss a partner seeing your couple friends and family, you might be relieved that you aren’t rushing into dating somebody during holidays which can be quite tricky and daunting. Also, there is always so much work and stuff to get done that most people  can’t handle the pressure and often give in to a break up and end up with a lousy holiday. You are better off single rather than depressed and miserable with someone forcibly just for a show off.  [ Read: 10 ways to make a guy go crazy for you ]

  1. Don’t fast forward things

If you have just dated a couple of weeks before the holidays, then don’t try to fast forward things with your partner by introducing them to your family or friends so soon. This might not go well at both ends and might also become comfortably awkward. Don’t rush into having a great holiday season together for a week long romance and ditch your friends and family for it.

  1. Don’t panic if you aren’t introduced

Similarly, if you are not introduced to someone’s family or friends don’t panic or start thinking that the person is not serious about you. Timing is everything. Always remember that. Don’t jump to conclusions based on their actions during the holiday season. You might lose a perfectly charming guy or a beautiful and kind girl because of your expectations.  [ Read: 21 ways to start a conversation with the guy you like ]

  1. It’s okay if your date has other plans

Some families have traditions and this means they might travel to their hometown or to another country. They might spend it with their cousins or at their old home. If your date has other plans, it doesn’t mean that they want to offend you. It is perfectly okay to spend quality time with family during holidays and keep in with the traditions rather than with their new boyfriend or girlfriend.

  1. Share gifts and sweets

If you have dated someone for quite some time, they surely deserve a nice gift from you. Don’t give them a gift with the expectation of receiving one, you might get disappointed. Give them a gift for the joy of giving or seeing the smile on their faces. [ Read: 10 Tips for Finding Love Next Year ]

  1. Don’t fret if you don’t get replies

Holidays are a busy time and you might not get an upfront and instant reply to your texts, what Sapp messages or calls. Don’t be freaky and keep checking your phone every two minutes. Give them some time to get back to you. Don’t device meaningless things in your head and imagine them cheating on you. Be patient and give them time to cope up to your messages.

  1. Indulge in grooming yourself

People often forget grooming their own self and taking care of their body during the holiday season. Most people often tend to even put up mammoth weight during holidays. They then regret the food that they ate and are unable to pick themselves up from there. Groom yourself for a better body and look. Take care of your health. Dress yourself festively. And keep your heart open for someone may soon enter into it!! [ Read: 18 Ways To Look Attractive And Make Him Give A Second Look! ]

What is your experience of dating during the holidays? Share some of your experiences with us!