7 Signs that a Guy is Friendzoned

7 Signs that a Guy is Friendzoned

What is the definition of friendzone you ask? Friendzone, is a zone where no guy wishes to be in his wildest dreams when it comes to the girl they like. If a guy is friendzoned by a girl, it is extremely unlikely that she might ever take him as her boyfriend! [ Read: Top 25: Inspirational Quotes on Friendship ]

7 signs that a guy is friendzoned

As many of us know and have noticed, that there is a constant debate whether a girl and guy can be just good friends. Girls usually will say yes and boys will say that they initiate even a friendship with girls only because they have an interest in dating her.

Sometimes guys think that the tough times will pass, and the girl will eventually accept him as her boyfriend. But if the guy has been framed in the friendzone of the girl, it is very unlikely that she will let him get out of that frame and even if she does try, it is most likely to not work out.

What are some signs that a guy has been friendzoned by a girl he likes?

1. She often tells you about her love interests

Remember how Phoebe always talked about her love interests with the guys. She asked for their advices regarding her boyfriends. If the girl you like, constantly shares every detail about the guy she likes, then my friend, you are in her friendzone.

2.  She talks about setting you up

Girls usually want to set up everyone around them. They love to play cupid. If she talks about setting you up with one of her friends or keeps asking you to see someone, then she is definitely not interested in you romantically.

3.  She can cry her heart to you

Girls usually tend to share things about their love life with someone or the other. If she is opening herself to you completely, talking about her insecurities and crazy behavior for the one crush or fling that she has, she probably doesn’t see you as a boyfriend material. Girls will never display their emotional or weak side to a love interest until much ahead in a relationship.

4.  She talks to you only when she wants

You are always available to her when she needs you. But, she isn’t always available to you when you need her. She sometimes misses your calls, doesn’t call back often and might tell you how busy she was when you needed her. She might be on a date, or gives priority to her work or friends. So basically, if she talks to you and approaches you only when she requires you, then she is absolutely not into you.

5. She just doesn’t take your hints

You bring her flowers. But it seems very cute and friendly to her. You ask her out for dinner, and she brings her girlfriends along. She doesn’t seem to take your hints or always avoids letting you speak up to the point where you might confess your feelings to her. Everything you do or say seems so very friendly to her.

6.  She is comfortable with you in front of her family

All girls aren’t comfortable introducing their love interest to their families. They wouldn’t like them to keep visiting them while their family is around. But if she seems extremely comfortable with you in front of her family, she has probably talked about the great friendship you both share. When going out, she might always tell her mom that she’s only going out with you, it doesn’t mean anything. Her parents know you and see that you take immense care of her.

7. She just doesn’t get jealous over you

You might try to get her jealous by talking about other girls or faking your liking to some other girl. But she never gets jealous about it. It is just a good gossip for her and she advices you about how you must go ahead. She doesn’t seem to have a jealous bone in her body when it comes to you, but cannot stop crying about how her crush took someone else on a date, then my dear friend she is definitely not looking for the next step with you.

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What are other signs that a guy is friendzoned by a girl he really likes? Tell us your experiences in the comments section.