7 Signs – He Loves Me Or Loves Me Not? Boyfriend Reality Check

He Loves Me Or Loves Me Not? Boyfriend Reality Check

7 Signs To Check if Your Boyfriend Really Does Love You. Well, I happen to be that single friend who shamelessly gives relationship advice to all my friends. But wait, judge me no wrong, my relationship advice have worked more than perfectly. So far, so good, they say. Oh, and if you say why don’t I apply some of my advice practically in my life and get myself a ‘companion’ or ‘soulmate’ or what not, I have two pretty strong reasons to throw at you, first being, I believe my prince charming’s apparently lost directions and well, guess what, he’s too adamant to even ask someone! And secondly, I’m in madly love with him and… yeah, that’s about it.

7 Signs - He Loves Me Or Loves Me Not Boyfriend Reality Check

But, for those, who happen to have found their swain, flame, lover or your ‘sweetheart’, ‘honey’ and what not , following are a seven signs to know that your boyfriend really does love you

  1. He stands right next to you in public… CONFIDENTLY

So, first thing first, he loves you so much and respects you, so shouldn’t you  two be hanging out openly? I mean, common, who are we even kidding, we are no eighth graders to keep it a hush-hush affair. And if your man loves you, he did never be ashamed of hanging out with you, even if he has an omnipresent, over inquisitive man. So, if your man really ‘mans’ up and hang around with you without a hint of reluctance, he really is confident about your future, and that’s amazing, right? [ Check out: 15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You


  1. Action speaks louder than words, they say.

Well, that’s a generic phrase, but it really does fit in utterly well for a man in love. Most of the guys do shun away from expressing their emotions or writing about poems and couplets about their better half. However, what a man in love really does is, take care of you. He might not call you a twenty times a day, but he’d be concerned about your whereabouts, your emotions, and your problems. He’d very keenly be involved in your life, and would read you page by page, with no hurry to reach to a destination.

Believe me, if he really cares, you’d feel it with the little things he do to put a smile on your face.

  1. He makes you meet his friends

Oh, these boys. These boys are one hell of image-conscious specimens. They did never, I repeat, NEVER, do anything that would in any way fiddle with their ‘brand image’. So, if your man introduces you to his friends, he is really diving deeply into love with you. [ Also read: 13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your #Boyfriend ]

And talking with some ‘serious experience’, it is quite an achievement, ladies.

  1. Sets a comfort zone for you

They say, it’s priceless to find a soulmate with exact same insanity as yours. But, man, I really differ on this a tab bit. You and your better half might not be two exactly same creatures with the same level of insanity, but if he lets you be yourself and make you feel at ease and stroke in some peace, ladies, he’s the one! He accepts you for what you are, and admires your imperfections as much as your  perfect side, he really is in love with you.

  1. The idiot gets a bit jealous too

So, possessiveness is something wholly different, but if he’s really into you, he’d get somewhat jealous seeing you around other handsome men  😛

And it’s absolutely fine until and unless it doesn’t get intense. Jealousy is a trait a man in love would always showcase unconsciously and artlessly.

  1. Compromise

The art of compromise is a key to a healthy relationship. Well, it certainly doesn’t mean you always have the upper hand in the relationship. But, if in love, he’d go out-of-his way just to make you happy. He wouldn’t mind altering his lifestyle to certain extent for your satisfaction. If you’re the one who’s managed to soften his heart, stir the right cords at the right time, you’re one lucky lady, my friend.

  1. Talks about the future

I’ve placed this at the last, but, this really is the most important sign of all. If he’s seriously involved with you, he’d talk about the future with a sense of commitment.  Does he joke about having future kids together? If the answer to all that is a yes, my lady, he has no intention of letting you go. [ Read here: 10 Signs that He Is The One ]

So, above were seven signs to know if your boyfriend is really into you. Go ahead ladies, and scrutinize your boyfriend with these signs.