7 Rules of Playing Cupid Matchmaker

7 Rules of Playing Cupid Matchmaker

Some people love to play cupid amongst their friends, co workers or their relatives. While playing a cupid is a very generous thing to do, it can often backfire. Matters of the heart are extremely sensitive and one must proceed with caution in such cases. It might work sometimes, they might proceed to have a wonderful marriage and they will bless you all their lives or they might fall apart and might even turn their back around you because of something their partner did. [ Read: Force Him To Leave, Not To Love. ]

7 Rules of Playing Cupid Matchmaker

Setting two people needs some caution and proper planning. It requires a careful thought as to how it might affect you.

So what really are the rules of playing a match maker between two people? Here goes!

  1. Don’t ever set up your supervisor or boss from work

Setting up your supervisor or boss from work can be quite risky. If he/she falls for your friend or acquaintance and your friend doesn’t reciprocate it back after a few dates, it can become very exhausting for you. They will keep asking you about the progress and you can’t really force your pal to see your boss again. Thus, it is better not to go there, even if you are looking to get in good books of your boss, it can land you in big time trouble. [ Check out: 7 rules for texting your partner


  1. Give a careful thought

Don’t just set up two single people you know.  Try to understand what their preferences are and what would they like in their partner. If they have similar interests and seem like could get along, then go ahead with it. Else, it will just cause chaos and confusion and lot of blame game. Two people need to have a compatibility to go ahead with their friendship or date, if you don’t see that in those two, don’t fix them up.

  1. Don’t oversell

While setting somebody for our friends, we tend to oversell the traits or virtues of the person we are making them meet. This might lead to unreasonable expectations and ultimate downfall. It is always better to undersell their qualities, qualifications and most importantly looks. Let them set a low bar, so that they can be pleasantly surprised rather than setting a bar which couldn’t be met by most people. [ Read: 14 Sweet and Cute Ways to Make Your Woman Happy ]

  1. Don’t take credit or blame yourself

Setting two people up will lead to a marriage or an eventual break off. In both cases, don’t blame yourself or take it on you. Yes, it is a great thing if you managed to get someone married, but constantly talking about it will make you a loud mouth and extremely unpleasant. Similarly, if two people fall out after dating for a few months don’t take it personally. It is not really your fault; you tried your best to make them gel. Don’t take it to your heart and curse yourself.

  1. Don’t force them

Step back after the first date. Don’t become a messenger, comforting either of your friends or twisting words to tell them what they want to hear. They are mature adults and surely can take it from there. Let them exchange their numbers and co-ordinate further. Pass on a message if only asked to. Don’t give wrong impressions about either of them, which might hurt your credibility and will affect you in a bad manner. [ Also read: 5 ways to stay loyal in a relationship ]

  1. The right set up

Pick the right meeting place for both of them. Don’t make it a long dinner at your house or either one’s house, because that is just awkward. Get them introduced casually at a party or an evening dinner at a restaurant over the weekend, where they can feel comfortable.

  1. Be honest about sources

Don’t set your colleague up with your Facebook friend telling her that you know him since your college days. Be honest about how you know each one of them, whether it is via online dating, online colleges, work, and furniture store or while getting a personal loan.  If you are dishonest to your friend, just for the cause of setting her up, it will definitely backfire on you at some point of time. [ Read here: 8 Worst ways of breaking up with someone ]

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