7 Rules for Texting Your Partner

7 Rules for Texting Your Partner

Texting is a common means of communicating that couples adopt to keep in touch with each other at all times.  It is easy and can be done from work or even when you’re out. While picking a call and having a hearty conversation is difficult with co-workers or friends around, texting comes really handy to send those sweet messages or keep your loved one updated about your stuff.  It is absolutely impossible to ignore the impact of digital age in our lives. It has also penetrated our love lives and one must keep up with it. Some people are really good at texting while some others are absolutely a nightmare. The girls are usually good with texting since they are expressive, whereas most boys aren’t too well versed with texting.

7 Rules for Texting Your Partner

Nevertheless, there are some rules which a person in a relationship should always follow, when it comes to sending those cute love bytes to their beloved partner.

Some rules of texting are:

  1. The K Rule

The most annoying letter in the universe of texting and instant messaging is the letter K. Never ever respond to your partner with the single letter K.  It is a deal breaker. Your partner might be pouring his or her heart out and you respond with a single letter to their sentiment, it is often taken badly. You may mean no harm but the least you can reply or respond to your partner is with an ‘Okay Sweetie.’ [ Check out: 18 ways of saying ‘I LOVE YOU’


  1. The Reply Rule

Texting is not a game, where one is the frequent texting person and other is the smart texting person. And the smart texting person has an upper hand. Make sure you reply to their texts and do not ignore them purposely to gain the upper hand. Keeping them wait for your reply to get brownie points is not cool at all. It’s not about ego. It’s about love! Always remember that. You aren’t against each other, you both are together!

  1. The Important Talk Rule

Never ever make important decisions or talk about extremely important stuff via texts. They might not convey the tone of seriousness while in words. Texts have the disadvantage of not conveying the tone of the sender. Thus, what you send as a joke might be taken rather seriously by your partner. It is always better to meet up and then have the ‘important talk’. It can be related to your family, your relationship or your ex. These things are better said when face to face or at least while on call.

  1. The Wait a While Rule

You love texting, but your partner doesn’t respond to you as much. This makes you sad and depressed. Well, wait a while rule applies to you. Don’t let your habits overshadow your personality. Don’t bombard them with texts and then expect them to reply each one of them. They might be busy or occupied, while you are free. Wait at least a couple of hours before sending them another text, for your own good. [ Read also: 7 tips to avoid Holiday Dating Disasters ]

  1. The Love Bug Rule

Don’t be extremely mushy and emotional while texting casually. It might freak the other person out, especially if you have recently started dating. Making plans for vacations or suggesting marriage via texts even as a joke is a serious NO-NO.  Casual flirting and teasing is absolutely healthy and might be appreciated while texting.

  1. The Emote Icon Rule

Some people have the habit of using insane amounts of emoticons along with their texts. Please remember, that although it might come off as cute or sweet initially, it can often border on annoying. Also, it will take the weight off your words because that is what emoticons are for. They will distract the person from the actual crux of your message. A single smile, a grin or an angelic face occasionally is not so bad though.

  1. The Q n A Rule

You might be curious as to what your partner is up to. What are they doing, where are they spending their time and what is keeping them so busy. But it is important to realize that incessant questioning can be a big put off. Constant questioning will make them ignore you and eventually avoid you completely. Restrict your quiz master to a maximum of two or three questions. [ Read here: 23 Reasons why hugs are amazing ]

What do you think about the post? Feel free to share what kinds of texts annoy you the most!