7 Reasons Why Guys Can Be Commitment Phobic

7 Reasons WHY Guys can be Commitment Phobic

‘In a relationship’ is a Facebook status not flaunted by many men. But the girls are always quite happy to say that they are in a committed relationship. Why is ‘ commitment ’ a sign of danger for most men? Why can’t they be open to being committed and serious with the one woman they like a lot? [ Read:12 Clear Signs You Have Big #Commitment Issues! ]

Are guys losing trust with relationships or are they looking for just something casual? Whatever it may be, it certainly bothers the girls. And can often lead to a break up.

7 Reasons Why Guys Can Be Commitment Phobic

Let’s look at a few reasons why your boyfriend is not committing himself in the relationship:

  1. Parents influence

It can be that his parents had a bad experience in their marriage and are separated or divorced. He must have grown seeing them fighting and arguing all his childhood and this has altered his perception about relationships or marriage.  Childhood experiences often shape the thoughts one has in their adult life. It is not really his fault in this case and it is best to give him more time to be open for a commitment. [ Read: Check out: 10 attractive things that men do without knowing about it ]

  1. Friend circle

He must be having friends who have not committed yet and are still enjoying single-hood. Being the first one among your friends to commit can often be scary and overwhelming for men. Guys often make fun of each other and their relationships casually. Also, he might be afraid of the ridicule that his friends would poke at him if he opened up about serious love and his girlfriend.

  1. Afraid of restrictions

Men don’t like restrictions. And women are often known to impose things. Because of this stereotypical thought about women, men gets scared that they will have to comply with their girlfriends or wives say, lifelong. This mean’d like the end of ‘freedom’ for them, which is a terrifying thought in the male brain.  [ Read: 6 Reasons why women get more jealous than men ]

  1. Not eager to adjust

Some men need all the space they can get. They don’t like sharing their room, their phones or any such personal thing. They might not like anyone else; but they love their free time and space more than anyone else. He might love his video games and his lazy boy recliner much more than you. Such men don’t like changes and are not eager to adjust for anyone.

  1. He’s a player

This one is the worst case. A guy can often date two or multiple women, without committing to any one in particular. If he is not committing anything to you and is also flirting with other women, it is just that he is a player and doesn’t probably believe in ‘the one’. He is seeing you casually, just as he is seeing several other women probably .If you are okay with that, you should carry on. But if not, it is best to dump him as he won’t commit any soon!  [ Read: 7 types of men that put a woman off ]

  1. Previous bad experience

He might have had a really bad long term relationship or marriage. A failed relationship can be quite traumatic. This can change his perception about women and how things work in a relationship. Everyone’s ex has a great impact on their mind and more so, if it was she who dumped him. It can also be that he is still not over her yet.

  1. It is not the time yet

Maybe it is you who is pressuring him a lot and he is not ready yet. Your pressure might not really help him commit but surely will push him away. It is best for it to happen naturally. If it has been just a few weeks since you both are dating, it is still early to commit to anything. Some men can even take up to a year to realize that you might be the one. [ Read: A BIG Sign He’ll Commit To You In The Future ]