7 Reasons Why Family Rules are Important

7 Reasons Why Family Rules are Important

Every family usually has a parents, 2 or more children and grandparents if at all. All of the family members get busy with their lives and duties as life progresses. Sometimes, you don’t even see your father or your sibling for two days in a row. These things make a family grow apart from each other. Often, there are fights among kids due to pocket money or room space or any such trivial issue. These things can grow into something major with time. The sibling bond, parent bond and grand parenting bond slowly fade away and the person is consumed with his or her work, and friends. [ Read: Here are 8 ways to inspire unmotivated friends and #family members ]

7 Reasons why family rules are important

Every institution has some rules which everyone has to follow, similarly a family must observe certain rules or traditions as well, to keep all family members in close touch with each other and stay like a family.


Here are some reasons why rules in a family are important.

  1. Rules avoid conflicts.

Rules and regulations avoid conflicts, fights and quarrels. Like for example, if two siblings fight and one of them has hurt the other badly, he should be punished for it. He must apologize and take care in future. With rules, come responsibilities. People tend to avoid fights, conflicts and arguments to avoid punishments and detentions. [Read: Loving your #Family ]

  1. Rules set up a routine

If you have rules, they automatically transform into routine for all family members. Like suppose, if there is a rule in the family that all members will have dinner together by so and so time, each one of them will be at home by that time. The kids will be back from playing, the father will get back from work and the mother will finish her chores and dinner preparation by them.

  1. Rules help get closer

If there is a rule in the family that every thanksgiving, you go to your grandparents house for dinner, it is remembered by everyone. You get to meet your aunts, uncles, relatives and grandparents. They give children money and often offer advice. Traditions or rules help people socialize too. Like for every Christmas, the family hosts a party at their home. The children will invite their friends, the parents will invite theirs. The wife can get to know husband’s work friends, the father can get to meet his teenage daughter’s close friend and so on. [ Read: 15 Happy #Family Quotes and Sayings ]

  1. Rules make way for adventure

Certain families have rules like there would be an annual vacation to an outside country. This gives the family more energy and vigour to finish off their annual tasks and duties before heading for a fun filled vacation for 15 days or 20 days.

  1. Rules keep the family healthy

Certain rules about a visit to the physician or the dentist every 6 months will help your family keep healthy and diagnose any disease on the way. It will not be resisted by anyone, since it is a rule and has been followed by everyone in the family. Also, simple rules like brushing after dinner or gargling after a meal keep the family healthy. [ Read: Best Quotes On #Family Relations For Better Bonding]

  1. Rules increase knowledge

There could be certain rules like an hour every weekend for family discussion where the parents discuss about their family tree, their finances, and careers of their children and so on. This is a very healthy act and can keep the children updated with latest happenings in their family and the parents updated about their children’s progress at school or college.

  1. Rules instill spirituality

Every Sunday going to a church or meeting the priest can make a person more open to spirituality and a believer. These things should be instilled in every child right from the beginning else the child grows up to be a non-believer or cynical. A small prayer before consuming the dinner or just before going to sleep can make a person feel great and thankful. [ Read: 10 tips to reduce stress and avoid family conflicts this Christmas ]

What kinds of rules does your family follow? Please share with us in the comment section.