7 Quick and Easy Ways to Deal with Nosy Co-workers

7 Quick and Easy Ways to Deal with Nosy Co-workers
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7 Quick and Easy Ways to Deal with Nosy Co-workers

Your office could be quite an interesting place. On one hand, you get to meet some really nice people while on the other, you also come across some people who are jealous of you, do not like you that much and are always trying to figure out as to what you are up to. They cling to you all the time and as much as you would like to avoid them they keep invading into your private space. There seems to be no end to their inquisitiveness and they are willing to go to any extent to keep a tab on your activities. [ Read: Office Romance – Pros and Cons ]

You are too nice a person and hence, find it difficult to say them something sternly so that they would not bother you. You find it difficult to concentrate on your work when they are constantly troubling you with questions that you do not want to answer.  There is always a pair of eyes fixed on you keeping a watch on all your actions.

Here are 7 quick and easy ways to deal with noisy co-workers:

  1. Short replies

Whenever they come to you armed with a set off questions, give them short answers preferably in monosyllables. You do not have to give them sharp answers or talk to them rudely but your short and dull answers would let them know that you are not interested in striking up a conversation with them.  They would sense your disinterest and would move away. [ Read: 12 Tips to Keep in Mind While Dating Your Boss ]

  1. Pretend to be busy

If you are free at the moment and you see a nosy co-worker approaching towards your desk, then immediately start pretending to do some work. Type something fiercely on your computer or browse through your files- you must act like you are really busy and have no time to spare. If your co-worker has the slightest of courtesy, he would not disturb you. If he does, cut short the conversation short and tell him indirectly that you have got a lot of work to do and you are not sure whether you would be able to finish it up in time. He would leave after sensing the urgency in your voice.

  1. Start asking them questions

After you get tired of answering your co-worker’s questions, turn the tables and start asking questions to them. If you have some genuinely interesting questions to ask which they would be happy answering, ask those first. After you are done with those questions ask them a few questions they would have difficulties answering or the ones that would make them slightly uncomfortable. They will feel the same that you do when they pose you with such questions and go sway. [ Read: 15 Ways To Deal With The Workaholic Boyfriend! ]

  1. Change the topic

Your co-workers can, sometimes, ask some personal questions that would make you uncomfortable. If you are not at ease answering a question, change the topic immediately. Do it smartly so that they would not notice. After changing the topic, take charge of the conversation and do not let them get back to their questions. You could talk about the most random things but do not let them have their way.

  1. Do not socialize with them

You should try and avoid the company of people who trouble you at your work place. If they try to sit with you in the canteen, make some excuse and move away. If they ask you to exchange numbers give them a number that is no longer in use. You cannot really avoid them at the work-place but you must try your best not to include them in your social circle. Do not give them the opportunity to have access to too much information about you. [ Read: 10 Exciting Ways To Find Missed Connection ]

  1. Bore them

If your co-worker is insisting on having a conversation, you cannot help but join in and pretend that you are enjoying the exchange of words. But, when they ask you questions give those answers that would not have any relation to the question asked. In fact, try to give them log and uninspiring answers which would bore them to death. When they ask something about your life, talk to them about your childhood which, surely, they would have no interest in. Talk about them your early childhood, your school life but do not go about saying something which you feel they want to know about.

  1. Do not talk about your personal life

A lot of your co-workers would want to know as to what you are doing professionally or how you are handling a particular project so that they could compete with you and stop you from climbing the ladders of success in the organization. But, there are some who also want to know about your personal life so that they can use that information to their advantage. Getting hold of some sensitive personal information could help them in using it against you. You should be careful enough not to discuss your personal life at work-place, especially when such people are around. [ Read: 13 Signs That The Friends Picked By You Are Ruining Your Relationship! ]

Every person aspires to have a very successful career to his name. A successful career can be built on the basis of hard work, determination and focus. Unfortunately, even if you give it your all and are honest about your work, there will be some people who will try to pull you down. Unfair, isn’t it?  Such is life. You must learn to deal with these people tactfully and not let them hamper your work or career prospects.