7 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Tips For Guys

7 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Tips For Guys

Setting the course for the most Romantic Valentine’s Day Tips – the guy chapter. It’s a known secret – men are bad with dates. They flunk the exams that deal with remembering birthdays, anniversaries, the first time they met the girl in their life, the first time they kissed – so on and so forth. Girls, on the other hand, top their class when it comes to remembering dates. The first time she saw you. The first time you saw her. The first time your hand brushed against the chair she was sitting on, the first time you asked her out – down to the date, time and the color of dress she was wearing. The first time you asked for a tissue from her – and chances are, she still holds on to and cherishes that tissue! Yes, girls remember it all. And they celebrate each and everything. [ Read: What Are Seven Days After Valentine Day – Most Of You Don’t Know About ]

7 Most Romantic Valentine's Day Tips For Guys-likelovequotes

Girls are emotional. Girls are romantic. They are, basically, emotionally romantic. No two ways about it.

So yes, if you want to make that girl yours, you need to flatter her, celebrate your love and ensure that she falls in love with you all over again. There is one such day which you ought to celebrate, and there is no way that you can forget this day – there’s no way you wouldn’t know that the day is approaching. Every store you visit is selling love souvenirs to be gifted. Well, if you still do manage to forget the day…you should be banned from dating altogether!

Anyway, if you are a guy who has a cute girlfriend, and are clueless about how to celebrate this day of eternal love, sit down, take a pen and paper and note down the Most Romantic Valentine’s Day tips.

  1. Show me a girl who doesn’t like receiving flowers!

Girls swoon when they get flowers, especially from their boyfriend/ husband. Give some thought into what kind of bouquet/ flowers your girl likes and get the exact same kind. Better still, don’t limit it to just one flower/ bouquet. Leave roses all over the house – one beside her pillow as soon as she wakes up. Next in the bathroom, to be found when she goes to brush her teeth, one in the kitchen – you get the picture, right? [ Read: Cute Valentine Day Gift Ideas For Him And For Her ]

  1. An assorted gift-basket

While buying her flowers is a good idea, flowers given with a few cuddly care-bears is a terrific idea! What tops that? A basket full of love! Make a hamper of all things nice – perfumes, chocolates, cuddly toys, a handful of greeting cards, flowers (of course!), and maybe some more chocolates.

  1. Massage

If your girl is a career woman, chances are she is always over-worked and stressed. Let her unwind as you give her a back massage. Let her loosen up and relax as you rub on some aromatic oil against her skin. The classic foot massage is always a winner. If you have nimble hands, let your girl enjoy a full body massage followed by some refreshing jasmine tea. [ Read: 10 Romantic Love Messages To Text Your Partner ]

  1. A day at the Spa

If you do not credit yourself for being a masseuse of any degree, then let the experts take over. Gift out a voucher for a whole day of spa treatment to your girl – and watch her eyes dance! A full day of lazing around, with expert masseuse working away on those tense muscles…aah! Bliss! Want to make it even better?  Join in the spa session and make it a couple thing.

  1. Surprise her

On the list of things that girls love, after flowers and chocolates, comes gifts that show thought. Give your girl the plainest ring, but one that has a lot of thought put into it, and she’ll cherish it lifelong! To win the heart of your lady love, surprise her with short and sweet love notes. Leave them in random places where she is bound to find them. On her dresser, next to her phone, on her car’s windshield, etc. [ Read: Hidden Messages Behind The Different Colors Of Valentine Roses ]

  1. Treat her

Yes, we know that the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach, but that doesn’t mean a girl won’t appreciate a good meal. If you can even put together a simple mac-n-cheese, good for you. If you are one of those who can even burn water, then you better treat her to a gourmet meal at her favorite restaurant.

  1. Spend quality time

Quality time – that is the key. More than all the gifts put together – all the flowers, chocolates and care-bears, she will appreciate your time. Be with her, listen to her. Hold her in your arms and let her rest her head on your shoulder. Catch a movie, take a walk along the curb and enjoy a quiet, candle-lit meal. These things are sure to mesmerize her. You needn’t have an elaborate plan for spending the day; just spend your day with her. Gifts, as always, will be great add on. [ Read: 9 Wonderful and Strange Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around the World ]

Valentine’s day is an amazing opportunity to celebrate love, togetherness, companionship – in all its glory. Make sure that you convey the right message to your girlfriend/ wife – that you are the luckiest guy in the whole wide world to have her! Hope these Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Tips helped you in making your Valentine’s Day celebrations more memorable.