7 Disadvantages of Dating a Man with a Mustache

7 Disadvantages of Dating a Man with a Mustache
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7 Disadvantages of Dating a Man with a Mustache

A lot of men think that a mustache is the pride of a man. It makes them look mature and manly. Over time, the notion has dispelled what with a lot of men going for the clean shaven look or sporting a stubble. But, there are still a lot of people around who believe in the plume of growing a mustache. Most of them do not realize that their fetish is a source of a lot of trouble for their partners. A woman may find a man with a mustache attractive in the beginning but will soon realize the discomfort that comes with it.  [ Read: 13 Happy Things You Need for a Perfectly Happy Life! ]

Here are 7 disadvantages of dating a man with a mustache:

  1. The itch

Notice the difference when you kiss your boyfriend when he did not have a mustache and now when he has one. Earlier, the portion above his lip was smooth and hence, the kissing too went about smoothly.  Now, when he has a mustache you feel an itching sensation when you kiss him. The itching is, as you must have guessed by now, is caused by his mustache. The thick, bushy facial hair is going to give you a lot of trouble every time you try to kiss him.  [ Read: 7 Rules For Texting Your Partner ]

  1. Makes him look older

You do not want your friends to mistake your boyfriend to be your elder brother or worse, your dad. Men who sport a mustache tend to look older than clean shaven men who are closer to their age. You want your boyfriend to look as youthful as you. His mustache, will invariably, will add a few years to his age and make you both look like an odd pair. Your friends and family can actually think of him too much older than he is.

  1. Looks dated

A lot of people find the mustache look very dated. Do not be surprised if your friends suggest you indirectly that you should ask your boyfriend to snip off his mustache. Your boyfriend could consider flaunting a mustache makes him look stylish but you could give him a reality check and let him know that time have changed. You must update him with all the latest fashion trends and ask him to style himself accordingly. Do not be afraid of talking about this and hurting his feelings. The truth must be spoken, after all.  [ Read: One-Sided LOVE ]

  1. His look has changed

You used to find your boyfriend attractive when used to sport a clean shaven look but now that he has grown a mustache, he comes across as different person physically. When you saw him with the mustache for the first time you could not even recognize him. You know he is the same guy that you fell in love with but the mustache seems to have altered his face drastically. You love him for the person he is but the fact that he looks very different now makes you a bit conscious around him.

  1. Your perception changes

There are so many theories revolving around the facial structure of a person. A lot of people around you may speak about different personality traits a person with a mustache has. You may or may not believe in these theories but they affect you in some way. These could be superstitious and often unreasonable believes but you find it difficult to shake them off your mind. Talk about your concerns to your friends. He will help you deal with them.  [ Read: Do I Miss My Best Friend in My Life Partner? ]

  1. High maintenance

Now the next time your boyfriend makes you wait while he takes time to get ready, you must know it is the mustache that is causing all the delay. Maintaining a mustache is not an easy task. They need to trim at regular intervals, oiled for a better growth and so many that one needs to do keep the mustache gleaming. Men who wear a mustache tend to be very possessive about it. They take special care of it to make sure that it looks good on their face.

  1. Things stick on them

You are out on a date with your partner. The food arrives and when he starts eating, you notice a few crumbs of food sticking on his mustache. You would feel horrible, would not you? Wearing a mustache comes with its own set of hygiene issues and you must prepare yourself to deal with them if you are dating a man who wears a mustache. Or you could show him the mirror and let him know that his mustache is turning out to be a cause of embarrassment for the both of you.  [ Read: 10 Romantic Love Messages To Text Your Partner ]

A man wears a mustache with a lot of pride. There is a sense of accomplishment attached in sporting a mustache. However, for the reasons stated above, it could turn out to be trouble or subject you to a great deal of embarrassment. Do not get upset with your partner if one fine day you see him wearing a mustache. If you are unhappy with him wearing one, let him know. Talk to him about it.  [ Read: 10 Things Not To Do With Your Partner ]

You do not have to fight or quarrel with him on such a trivial issue. You could bring up the topic in an indirect manner and put it across politely. Give him some reasons that he would not have trouble digesting or the ones that would not upset him. You could tell him that you find him more attractive when he is clean shaven or wears a stubble.