7 Best Situations To Propose A Girl

7 Best Situations to Propose a Girl

Do you get the jitters just at the thought of proposing to a girl? Does the fear of hearing a refusal stops you from confessing your feelings? What you need to do is carefully chalk out a plan to go about the entire process to propose a girl. Wait for the right moment before taking the plunge.

7 Best Situations To Propose A Girl

Here are some situations which could help you hear a ‘yes’.

  1. Her birthday

It’s her birthday and she has invited all her friends home for a party. Don’t let the thought of proposing her in front of her friends dampen your spirits. In fact, proposing her in front of a crowd will imply you going all out to confess your feelings and that would leave a huge impression on her. A thoughtful gift (how about a ring?) would be the icing on the cake. [ Check out: 15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You


  1. While romantic watching a movie

You have taken her out for the recently released romantic movie starring her favourite actor. As the film ends on a happy note and she is all teary eyed with emotions, pull out that ring from your pocket and tell her, with sincerity, how you feel about her.

  1. On a rainy day

It starts raining and you have no umbrella. Neither of you mind getting drenched and enjoy the rains. This is a good moment and a good opportunity for you to bend on your knees and say the three magical words. The new season might just bring in lots of love for you.

  1. The place you met her first

Take her to the place you guys had met for the first time. The place, which marks the beginning of the bond between the two of you, will bring back some wonderful memories. Just when the emotions are at their peak, surprise her by telling her that you would like to take this wonderful friendship that you both share to another level.

  1. Valentine’s Day

Could there be a better day to propose to a girl than Valentine’s Day? Ask her if she could make some time to go out with you on Valentine’s Day. Plan a surprise for her with some carefully plucked gifts, a dinner reservation and a movie outing. [ Also read: This Valentine Day, EXPRESS to IMPRESS {Your Crush} ]

  1. A weekend outing

Weekend is round the corner. Take her along to the nearest hill station or a beach resort. Plan out everything in such a manner that it turns out to be a memorable experience for her. Don’t rush yourself. Instead, drop hints at her as to what you want to say to her. Wait for the right moment and confront her with your feelings.

  1. Play her a DVD

Make a short film with some pictures and videos featuring the both of you and at the end of the video insert a short clip where you propose her. Gift her the DVD saying that it’s a movie that you recently watched and liked. Tell her to watch the movie and get back with her thoughts on the same. She is bound to feel overjoyed with a gamut of emotions when she discovers the content of the DVD. [ Read here: 10 Cute ways to #propose your girlfriend ]

It’s important to wait for the right opportunity and the appropriate situation to present itself before you propose her. But, don’t wait for too long, else it could be too late. Be optimistic but if things go wrong and she refuses your proposal don’t get disheartened. There is a lot of love in this world. You just need to find it.