6 Ways To Make Your Parents Proud Of You

6 Ways To Make Your Parents Proud Of You

What can be a better moment for a child than to see tears of pride and joy in their parent’s eyes because of them? No matter how mature or independent one gets, everyone wishes to see their parents beam with pride.

6 Ways To Make Your Parents Proud Of You

But in reality, people often feel uncomfortable even confronting them or saying a small thing such as ‘I Love you Mom or Dad’.

So what could be the few ways, you could make your parents proud of you no matter what your age is?

1. Success in academics or career

Seeing their child successful or reputed in his own career path, can be utmost satiating for a parent. If you truly wish to make them proud and happy, do your best in your career. For example, if you are a doctor and if you invite them to the inauguration of your own practice clinic or laboratory, it can be the proudest moment for them.

If you are a student, then constant bad grades will worry your parents and make them very concerned. Giving your best in your studies and passing with best grades is a sure shot method to get your parents happy.  Remember, your convocation is one of the best days for your parents as well.

2.  Respect and awe

No matter how old you get, you can’t be older than your parents. You are always their little son or little daughter. They deserve respect and awe from you for their age, experience and struggles. Some people tend to disrespect their parents as they grow, since they are independent and old enough now. But the truth is no parent is more proud than the one whose child respects them, no matter how old he is. It is not necessary to agree with them but it is important to respect their opinion and viewpoints.  The least every parent expects from their child is respect, and they deserve that.

3. Personal Decisions

Maybe your parents didn’t support or agree to the career you chose, or they weren’t too happy with your marriage. These are common things among today’s households. But will they keep a grudge lifelong for something you did? Eventually, they will come around, especially if you did well at the choice you made. Approach them and give your relationship another chance. Always remember that they do miss you and want you back. Since you are younger, you must not hold ego, and must be the first one to take a step forward.

4. Being the family man

It is important to have some ‘family time’ every day, which should include your parents too. They might often feel neglected or ignored as you grow up. It is important to keep some time off for them. Also, seeing you being able to manage your own spouse and children well, and having a happy life will always keep them smiling. Also keeping in touch with your paternal or maternal aunts and uncles, can make your parents feel wonderful about you.

5. Make better choices

Life is all about the choices you make. The better choices you make for yourself and your parents, the better will your standard of life be. It will make your parents trust you even more. Constantly making wrong choices and not being able to stand by them will shake people’s faith in you. If you are not confident about your decisions, it is better to seek parental guidance and help. There is nothing to be ashamed of; after all they are the ones who gave you life and brought you up.

 6. Kind words

Words have a great impact on anybody. If your actions aren’t working out and you aren’t able to please them by your actions, probably you aren’t speaking what they want to hear or would like to hear. Share some incidents of your life with them. Have a kind word with them. Encourage them and make them feel better about themselves. Often lending money and making provisions is done by every son or daughter, but what is not done is sharing kind words, having a nostalgic conversation, taking them out, having true concern for your parents and thanking them enough for their efforts.

Start today, say “I love you” or “Thank you” to your parents. These two magic words from you are enough to make your parents smile the whole day!

What are your thoughts about this? Share with us any incident that made your parents extremely proud of you.