6 Ways to Help Your Friend Overcome a Break Up

6 Ways to Help Your Friend Overcome a Break Up

Break ups can be really tough especially if you have had a long relationship with the person and were hoping for it to become something big in your life. A person begins to see the end of everything after such a traumatic break up. They don’t like to go out anywhere, can’t concentrate on work, not able to dress themselves well, might over indulge in food and don’t really want to see anyone else. [ Read: Quirk It Up Post BreakUp! ]

6 Ways to Help Your Friend Overcome a Break Up

But if a genuine and caring friend is by their side, they can lift themselves up and begin living normally in a matter of few days. If your friend is going through a tough break up and you are unaware as to how can you help him or her, this post is for you!

  1. Spend time with them/ Listen to them

They might be on a spree about their ex and how they hate them; it might annoy you after a point, but try to be in their shoes. Imagine how tough it would be to have broken your heart over a relationship of several years. They need somebody to listen to them. And listen to them for long, even if it is the same repeated stories of how she hung up the call or how he ignored her messages. After they have vented out, they themselves will start talking about other things. [ Check out: 10 bad reasons to #break up with someone


  1. Give them enough credit

Give them credit for being mature about the break up and not wasting much time over it. Even though they might be spending time over it, this will help them start somewhere and not feel too bad about themselves. Constantly say things like you deserve better, or you can do better, you are better off without them which will make them feel good about themselves.

  1. Try to take them out

Try taking them out to their favorite places or doing things that they really enjoy. Get them a McDonald’s snack wrap and strawberry milk shake. Try taking them out to a movie or a cafeteria, seeing other people and fresh air will definitely help them get out of the rut. Watch a sports match together, get them the best seats. Do anything that will make them forget their pain.

  1. Don’t laud their EX

Even if you think that their EX was right in breaking up and it was your friend’s fault, the worst thing to do would be to tell it to your friend, how right their EX was and that’s what they deserved. This will make their self esteem go for a complete toss. Yes, friends need to be honest, but at this time, all you need to do is, to be supportive of them. Maybe when they have a new partner or have sufficiently gotten over their ex, you can bring such talk up. [ Also read: 5 Reasons to NOT hate your EX ]

  1. Try to get them busy

If they are taking personal days at their offices or avoiding important official conference calls in the lieu of the break up, it is time to push them to take their work more seriously and not let their personal lives affect their professional lives. Motivate them, prod them and help them get off their mattress and go to their job or to a party. This will engage their mind, and help in their recovery.

  1. Don’t talk mushy stuff in front of your friend

Maybe you are at an excellent place in your personal life and cannot get enough love from your partner, but saying mushy stories about you and your partner or talking in a cute way on the phone with them in front of your heart broken pal will make them nostalgic and emotional. So take care of such things in front of your friends. [ Read here: 8 Worst ways of breaking up with someone ]

How did you help your friend recuperate from a broken relationship? Share your experiences and give your tips to us in the comments section.