6 Ways to End Fights and Conflicts Quickly

6 Ways to End Fights and Conflicts Quickly

Even if you are madly in love with someone, each of you is a different individual at the end of the day. Differences are bound to crop up and there will be times when you both will be at loggerheads. It is impossible to imagine a relationship without fights and differences. But, it is also important that you resolve your differences quickly and does not let them have an adverse effect on your relationship. Every relationship comes with its own set of pressures and expectations. Sometimes, these pressures, along with your individual issues, take a toll on you and result in conflicts with your partner.

6 Ways to End Fights and Conflicts Quickly


Here are the ways to end fights and conflicts quickly:

  1. Try to analyse the problem

To arrive at a solution and end the fight quickly, it is important to analyse the problem first. Try to figure out as to where did the issue stem from. You won’t be able to arrive at a solution if you don’t what it that is troubling the both of you is. Stop fighting for a while and discuss the issue at hand. Don’t be hasty and think about the problem carefully. Analysing about the issue with a calm mind will help you in arriving at a solution.  [ Read: 7 Types Of People You Need To Kick Out Of Your Life ]

  1. Don’t talk about the past

Don’t bring to the fore the mistakes committed by your partner in the past as it will worsen the situation and make things ugly. The things that have happened in the past are no longer relevant and hence, should not be brought up. Taunting your partner because of their past mistakes might help you win the fight but it will spell disaster for your relationship. Your partner ill feel that you are willing to go to any length to prove your point and put them down. Winning a fight should not end up in breaking of a relationship.

3.Don’t forget what your partner means to you

Even if you fight vehemently with your partner, you still love them the most in the world, right? Just because you are fighting over a certain thing, it does not mean that the love that you both share have withered away. Think about the wonderful memories that you share with your partner. Thinking about these things will help in reducing the intensity of the fight. The love that you have for your partner won’t let you fight with them for long.  [ Read: 10 Relationship Deal Breakers To Watch Out For! ]

  1. Have a conversation

There is no fight that a good, healthy conversation can’t resolve. Try to calm down your partner and talk her out of the conflict. Keep your ego at bay and admit your mistakes, if any. If you believe that your partner is at fault, talk to them about this and make them see where they stand to be wrong. It is important to understand the problem rather than trying to prove your point.

  1. Don’t stretch the fight

You might derive some sort of pleasure by fighting for something you believe is right. But, that fight will only sour the relationship that you share with your partner. If you fight over something for days at stretch, it will have an adverse effect on your relationship. Fighting for long can create awkwardness between the two of you. Try to end the fight as quickly as possible.  [ Read: 10 Things You Should Not Give Up For A Relationship ]

  1. Confront the problem

Even if the problem is something that disturbs you, confront it. If you try to avoid the problem, it will crop up sometime in the future and ultimately, you would have to face it. It is better to face the situation and end it for once and for all.  The more you try to run from the situation, the more it will cling to you. The only way you both can get out of a problem, which has resulted in conflict, is finding a solution for it.

Fights are inevitable when you are in a relationship with someone. You are in a relationship with a person because you like him for a lot of reasons. So, don’t let the differences cloud your judgment. You certainly would not like to let go of a person you are in love with because you don’t agree with him on a few things.