6 Tips for Your First Thanksgiving as a New Couple

6 Tips for Your First Thanksgiving as a New Couple

You might have just started off a beautiful relationship with somebody this year. Everything goes off smoothly until now. It’s the holiday season now, and you might get to see the new side of your partner. You might be getting introduced to your partner’s parents, relatives or friends. They might be moody and irritating in lieu of all the Christmas chores and work. So this is a tricky situation. It’s your first thanksgiving with your partner and you want to make it a memorable occasion without leading them on too much. At the same time, if you are visiting your partner’s place, you don’t want to seem overly attached or dominant to their friends and family. So what is the ideal thanksgiving for a new couple? [ Read: 8 Ideas for a Romantic #Thanksgiving ]

6 Tips for Your First Thanksgiving as a New Couple

Here are some tips to have a pleasant and memorable thanksgiving with your new partner.

  1. Appreciate and join in the tradition of Thanksgiving

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is inviting you to their home to meet the parents, grandparents and siblings, be at your dapper best. Know a little bit about their family tree beforehand, so that you would have something to talk with them. Give in to their traditions and follow their pattern. Don’t try to outdo them with your own new traditions or rules. If they love watching the football game, join them in and have a good time with them. [ Read: 6 Tips for Your First #Thanksgiving as a New Couple


  1. Create new traditions

If it is just the two of you, and you have just moved in or married each other, it is the perfect time to make your own rules & traditions, which will be followed for years together. Follow a theme party and invite your friends over. Talk about the new things you could do and how you both can enjoy the day together as well as separately.

  1. Make some time for each other

Thanksgiving holiday can be extremely busy and with all the guests around, you might find little or no time to be with your partner. This can result into a pile of formalities and pretentious behavior. It’s best that you keep seeking a few minutes to talk to your partner every now and then to know more about their family, friends and have your own special time of course. After all, what is thanksgiving if you are buried deep in work without spending it with the one you are actually thankful for? [ Read: 5 Modern Movie Couples We Can All Learn From ]

  1. Try to negotiate

You might be spending your earlier thanksgiving in a different way than you would this year. Don’t force your partner into spending it with you the way you want it, because even they have been spending it in different way all these years. It’s best to negotiate and come to a common ground, mixing some activities from their end and some of yours. It should be an “us” thing, not a “your way” or “my way”!

  1. Make it special

Since this is your first thanksgiving with your partner, make sure you do something extra special for them separately. This would be talked about for years since this is how you both spent your first holiday season. Make a list of things you appreciate about them, take them to a romantic spot and follow it every year, gift them something they really wanted or prepare a special candle light meal for them. Don’t forget to make your partner feel special amid all the chores and preparation for others coming to your home. [ Read: 10 Relationship Stages That All Couples Go Through ]

  1. Capture a lot of pictures

Make sure you take enough pictures and images of both of you with all the celebration and decoration around your house. This will always be cherished and remembered. Simple photo etiquette to follow when you are going to your partner’s house is that since you are the newest entrant, you should offer to take a family picture of all of them together. After that, they might invite you to stand with them for the picture or even click you and your partner together. Make a scrap book of all the thanksgivings you’ll spend together as the years pass by.

What was your first thanksgiving like, with your partner? Share your experience and opinions with us in the comments section!