6 Things Men will Never Tell You but You Know are True

6 Things Men will Never Tell You but You Know are True

There are some women who find their partner to be complicated and unfathomable. There are some who think men are as simple as they get. No matter whether you know your man well or not, there are some things he will never tell you but it is not hard for you to figure those out.

6 Things Men will Never Tell You But You Know are True

Here are the list of those 6 things:

  1. They are emotional

We often think of men as tough guys with an unflinching attitude. Your partner always looks out for you and always stands in front of any hurdle that comes your way. But, he sheds a tear when he drops you at the airport and bids you goodbye. You know this and you, actually, find it endearing. The fact that he is a sensitive person goes on to prove that he is a man with a tough exterior and a soft heart. A great combination, right? [ Check out: 7 Romantic Ways To Say Good Morning To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend


  1. They miss you

Men are not very good at expressing themselves. Even though they miss your presence when you are out on a weekend with your girlfriends, they won’t call you and tell you the same. Instead, they will keep browsing through your pictures and wait for you to come back from your outing. You, the wiser off the two, should cheer them up by making a quick phone call.

  1. They are jealous of your male friends

They tend to feel a little insecure when you hang out with your male friends. They trust you completely but get a little worried thinking about the possibility of one of your male friends hitting on you. You know men, right? Don’t get mad at him if he does a bit of an inquiry about your male friends. He is, after all, humane and he loves you.

  1. They are not always in charge

You always expect your man to help you out of a difficult situation or solve all your problems. He will, of course, try his best to bail you of the situation but there are times he might be at a loss of words and fail to come up with a concrete solution. That doesn’t make you lose your faith in him as you know he is, after all, a human being with shortcomings. You are happy with the fact that tried his best. [ Also read: 7 Signs He Will Choose Another Woman ]

  1. He wants to look good

More often than not, a man is portrayed is someone who is not conscious about the way he looks and does not take more than a minute to dress up for any occasion. However, the men, in today’s times, do want to come across as suave and presentable. It makes you happy to see your partner make some effort to match up to your stylish self.

  1. He loves you

As stated earlier, men are not very good at expressing themselves. The last time he said ‘I love you’ was the day he proposed to you. You have not heard repeating the phrase again. As stated earlier, men are not very good at expressing themselves. And, they are terrible when it comes to saying sweet nothings. But, he keeps surprising with you with some amazing gifts makes those sweet little gestures that are a testimony to the fact that he loves you. Actions speak louder than words, you see. [ Read here: 15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You ]

There are certain things your partner will never speak about but you are wise enough to gauge his persona and know about the quirks he has in him. So what if he fails to express himself sometimes? You need to understand what he feels and act accordingly.