6 Strong Signs it’s Time to Let Go

6 Strong Signs it’s Time to Let Go

It is always difficult to let go of a strong emotion that has been looming over your heart for some time now. You feel you don’t connect with a friend anymore and that friend is bringing nothing but negative energies in your life. The job that you have been doing for some time never really excited you and is now something makes you feel miserable.

6 Strong Signs It's Time to Let Go

There are certain situations in life, we end up landing into, which make us unhappy and hinders our growth. We come in contact with some people who don’t add much to our life either. Sadly, we have got so used to being in these situations and being in touch with these people that we don’t know how to let go of them. Well, it’s important to figure out a way to do so as unless we let go of these things, we would not be able to move forward in life.

Here are the list of 6 strong signs:

  1. You are unhappy

If you spend most of your time doing things that make you unhappy, you are wasting your life. You are so caught up in things that you don’t even remember the last time you smiled. Remember, life is a precious gift and it is not to be wasted. It’s never too late to quit something and start afresh. Doing something, even for the right reasons, that makes you feel unhappy is not worth the pain. [ Check out: 7 Signs He Will Choose Another Woman


  1. You feel disrespected

You treat a person with utmost respect and love him with all your heart. But, that person does not reciprocate your feelings and takes you for granted. You know this and yet to cling to that person. For some reason, you feel obliged to hold on to him. Such a person does not deserve an ounce of respect from you. Let go of him and do not forget to give him a piece of his mind so that he realizes what he is losing out on.

  1. Life seems monotonous

Most of the activities that you undertake in a day come across as being tediously repetitive and dull. Fatigue seemed to have steeped in across your body and mind and you feel trapped in a humdrum setup. You go about the mundane chores mechanically without any enthusiasm whatsoever. It’s time to bring in some hue and add some variety to your life. Follow your heart and don’t be afraid to take risks.

  1. You are suffering

The things that you do subject you to a lot of sufferings and heartburn. You hope to get out of this situation soon but it’s something has been going on for long without showing any signs of suppression. You don’t want to quit your job as you are afraid you won’t find a new one soon. You are scared of forcing yourself out of an abusive relationship as you feel things will improve. You need to understand that some things never change and there is no point in subjecting yourself to any kind of suffering for the same. [ Also read: 10 Signs Your Partner is Having An Affair ]

  1. You wonder when it’s going to be over

You keep wishing for you’re the circumstances to change but you make no effort in that regard. Sometimes, things change on their own but most of the times, you have get out of your comfort zone to set the wheels in motion. Don’t stick to something or someone which/who makes you feel miserable about life.

  1. You don’t live in the moment

You constantly worry about something or the other. There is something holds you back from enjoying the present. You are in fear all the time and are uncertain as to what the future holds for you. There is a baggage on your shoulders which has bogged you down completely. You have no dreams, no aspirations and constantly think about survival. It’s time to throw away the baggage, recharge your batteries and tread on a new path. [ Read here: 6 Things To Know Before Moving On To A New Relationship ]

Don’t let anything bind you from exploring yourself. Live your life on your own terms and let every moment count. Life is tough and for most parts, unfair. People will break your trust, you will be thrown in unpleasant situations and there might be times where you will find yourself all alone despite being surrounded by a huge crowd. Don’t get disheartened, instead gather all your strength to break free of the clutter and make your own destiny.