6 Simple New Year’s Resolutions You can actually Keep

6 Simple New Year’s Resolutions You can actually Keep

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and so is the time to decide what our resolution for the year will be. There are so many things we want to change about ourselves, and we make sure we include everything we want to improve in the resolution list. How that affects us is something we don’t understand. We make the resolutions so daunting to follow that it overwhelms us and we completely lose hold of it. We don’t even remember by the end of the year what our resolution was! If you’d like to avoid this and actually keep your resolutions till the end of the year, the best way is to be realistic about your goals. Don’t make huge, unrealistic resolutions which will be hard to follow. Keep your resolutions simple and easy to follow. [ Read: 10 Tips to Stay Smart when Finding Love Online this New Year ]

6 Simple New Year's Resolutions You can actually Keep

Let’s have a look at a few resolutions people can actually manage to stick to, for the entire year.

  1. Lose at least 20 pounds this year

We all make resolutions about losing weight, but don’t decide how many months we are going to need, or how many pounds we would like to shed. This will hamper your progress. Be specific about the amount of weight you want to shed by December 31st 2016 and get on with it. Plan a schedule to lose a certain amount of weight every month, and then monitor your progress. Hire a professional dietitian or trainer if you require one. [ Read: 10 Professional #Resolutions for the New Year

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  1. Take a vacation to a foreign country

Pick a foreign country that really intrigues you and take a trip to that place this year. We all resolve to travel more and have more fun, but again, it is very vague and goes up in smoke, eventually. Pick out the country you want to visit, research on it, book tickets in advance and have a great trip !

  1. Hit the gym 4 times a week

Many of ours resolutions are to “get fit”. What most of us don’t know is how to get fit. Avoiding food or going on a crash diet is not the solution. You must include some kind of physical activity in your daily routine which will help you out. Therefore, plan to hit the gym at least 4 times a week, this is manageable and not daunting for you either. [ Read: asdas ]

  1. Join a hobby class

We resolve to ‘do things we like this year’ or ‘have more fun this year’. But when the work piles on, we forget about all the fun. So in the initial week itself, enroll yourself for a fun hobby class. This will not only be recreational, but also give you something to learn and give you a break from your monotonous work.  It could be guitar strumming, art and painting, dance classes, cooking sessions and so on!

  1. Invest in something

One of our resolutions is to save money. We forget to figure out where and how, though. Thus, this year, plan to invest in something. It could be a bond, a property, some gold jewelry or diamond jewelry. This way, you will automatically save a part of your income every month in order to invest in what you choose. Decide a month for investment, that way you know how much you have to save and by when! [ Read: 10 Real-Parent New Year’s #Resolutions ]

  1. Go out once a week

Our resolutions involve spending time with friends, taking breaks from work, loving life. But these are all vague resolutions which vanish after a while. Thus, decide to go out once a week, every week. It could be casual shopping, grocery shopping, meeting up with friends, a date with your spouse or a random party as well. If you know you have to go out every week, you will automatically plan ahead and find new places to go to, with your friends and family.

What are the resolutions that you made and stuck by, throughout the year? Share them with us in the comments section!