6 Signs To Prove That Co Worker Have A Crush On You


6 Signs To Prove That Co Worker Have A Crush On You

The first stage of love is when you develop a crush on someone. You can have a crush on your teacher, a dear friend, Co Worker etc. It is difficult to find out actually who have the crush on. LikeLoveQuotes.com has brought to its readers a solution in the form of 6 interesting signs to find out whether a Co Worker is having a Crush on you or not. If you want to find out these Signs you need to Keep Reading!

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6 Signs To Prove That Co Worker Have A Crush On You

Is Your Co Worker Having Crush On You.

Everybody goes through a phase where they have a crush on someone on the other. They just get so fascinated by the presence of that person. We want to have his presence everywhere. A slightest glimpse of that person changes your mood. A compliment from him makes your day. Life will become more exciting and entertaining if you get to know that a Co Worker of yours have a Crush on You Isn’t it. But you wonder how to Find it out. Here is the Solution just observe these signs.

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#1 He Takes The Break At The Same Time:
This is  the most easiest thing he can do in order to get a chance to strike a conversation with  you. If he makes it a point to take a break at the same time when you have your lunch. He is definitely having a crush on you.

#2 Makes Excuses To Be Around:
Another common act done by the person can be that he will try to be around you always. He will try to give his best in finding reasons as to how he can spend maximum time with you.

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#3 Want To Know You:
The Co Worker who will have a crush on you will always try to know you more. He will try to bring up topics through which he can get an idea about you.

#4 He Text You:
A Person who works with you will make it a point to find a reason to text you in order to ask you about the work progress. And in between will strike a conversation to take it to the lighter side.

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#5 Helps You In Work:
The man who will have a crush on you will always try to help you in order to be with you. He will present himself that he can do anything for you. Helping you in completion of assignments is just a small gesture.

#6 Asks You Out:
Why to miss any chance of knowing someone you have a crush on? So, he will definitely ask you out for a cup of coffee or drinks.

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Thus, Following Signs will help you know who actually having a crush on you.