6 Signs She Doesn’t Loves You


6 Signs She Doesn’t Loves You

Women are a puzzle. Men consider women as people in the most confused state. No women is sure what exactly she wants from life. She is not sure if she really loves you or not. Confusion and Women are two sides of the same coin. She loves being unpredictable. No man  can ever tell what exactly a woman thinks. Like men, women too can play well with the emotions of men. They are the Perfect Players in fooling men. They can fake out their feelings. LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to help all his He Readers How Women can make them fools in just no time. Come Let’s Explore….!

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6 Signs She Doesn't Loves You-likelovequotes

She Doesn’t Loves You…

Men can really save themselves from getting fooled. All they need to do is to recognise these signs and save all the trouble that may happen in future.

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No Eye To Eye Contact:
One of the first sign is no eye contact with you. If she is not making an eye contact with you. Then, it is clear that she is least interested in you. Making an eye contact with one another can gives you a feeling that you are the only one who is catching her interest.

Excuses Excuses:
The more hard you try to stay close to her the more she avoids being around you. When ever you plan an outing together or simply want to see each other. She is the one who postpone the meeting every time.

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She is Distracted:
If you find her distracted and bored even when she is with you. She is simply there with you to fulfil her selfish motives. She is not the one who loves you truly.

Comes Along With Friends:
When you ask your girl for a date, she always come with her friends. She never prefers coming alone. This makes us sure that either she is afraid coming alone to meet you. There is no trust, faith on you.

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You are ‘Just Friends’:
A girl is unsure about her feelings for you, if she introduces you to others as a friend and nothing else. She hesitates in accepting that you people are more than friends in front of other people.

Thus, girls too can fool their emotions and feelings for you. Hence, don’t get trapped in this. Date and fall in love with open eyes. Save yourselves from getting fooled.