6 Rules of the Girl Code – What Exactly are those Rules?

6 Rules of the Girl Code – What Exactly are those Rules?

Friendship is a bond that every person enjoys and cherishes all their life. All the women have friends and some very special BFFS (best friends forever) and usually their BFFS are other ladies. There is a very thin line between love and hatred. And if you don’t follow the rules in friendship and be disloyal to your friend, it can go from love to hatred in a short span of time. [ Read: Ways Guys Manipulate and Control Their Girlfriends ]

6 Rules of the Girl Code - What exactly are those rules?

When relationships don’t last long enough, it’s the friendship with their best friends which can comfort a person and nothing else. Is it worth enough to let a deep friendship ruin just for some momentary gains or selfish pleasures? There are certain rules that one has to follow even in friendship, especially the BFF type. So what exactly are those rules? What exactly is the girl code? [ Read: What Should You do if Your Guy is Chatting with Multiple Girls Online?


  1. Never date your best friend’s EX boyfriend

This is a real tricky situation. You might think that your friend is over her EX boyfriend and if he has proposed to you or you have started liking him, it doesn’t harm at all. But in reality, seeing your ex with your best friend is not less than a nightmare. Even though she might act fine with it, she will definitely be uncomfortable with it and might start distancing herself from you. [ Read: Reasons WHY Boys LIKE Many Girls Even If They Are In A Relationship ]

  1. Never back bite about your best friend

The only sign of a best friend is that they are loyal to you and don’t go back biting about you. So if you really are somebody’s friend don’t ever back bite about them and maintain your loyalty to them. For e.g. if your friend needs to shed some extra weight then don’t go talking about it behind her back, but help her in the weight loss procedure and maintaining a good health. Life is not about having hundreds of friends who will never be there for you but just one friend who will always stand up for you.

  1. Never flirt or hit on your best friend’s boyfriend

This is a dangerous territory. You might be a tad jealous of your best friend if she made a handsome boyfriend and might want to flirt with her or entertain his advances. But the truth is that, you should never ever flirt with your best friend’s boyfriend, especially in her absence. And if he makes advances on you and flirts with you, go ahead and tell her what you are encountering before she gets too attached to the guy. [ Read: Good vs. Bad – What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like? ]

  1. Be there for each other

Friends are transferred to the BFF category only when they are always there for each other. Ditching other person every now and then for small reasons or for your boyfriend will never make you a best friend of the person. Gal time is very important and should be agreed and adhered to by both friends. Don’t ever go shopping for shoes with some third girl and not your best friend, this is a total dishonor of the girl code!

  1. We hate the same people, we love the same people

Girl best friends usually hate the same person and love the same person. If your friend doesn’t like somebody then you are obliged to not like them too. In a broader sense, even if you don’t really hate them, it is totally bad to hang out with the people your best friend hates. [ Read: 10 Reasons Gorgeous Girls Fall For the Douchebags ]

  1. There are absolutely no secrets!

Best friends share everything, even the tiniest detail in their life. It could be about their body, about their job, an embarrassing situation, boyfriend troubles, relative issues, parent problems or medical complications. They don’t place egos before each other. They don’t go around telling about each other to their common friends.  They keep their secrets to their selves, talk hours together on the phone. And to be honest, if you have such a friend in your life, you can claim to be amongst a lucky few.