6 Romantic Wedding Vows For Him


6 Romantic Wedding Vows For Him

When we like someone, we want them forever in our life. This can only be done by making some most romantic wedding vows to him. Both partner are equally responsible for making their love life successful. If you too dream of a happy life after getting married, you need to make these romantic wedding vows to your partner. Like girls boys too wish to have someone in their life who promise to stay beside them always. LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to help all its readers to ind some of the most romantic vows to make to your partner. Want to find out some interesting ones? Let’s read it.

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6 Romantic Wedding Vows For Him

Know Romantic Wedding Vows TO Make To Him

Forever relationships have become a rare thing with time. It is hard to find people in today’s time who ardently believe in keeping their promises. But you need  to  trust us making a forever promise is the best thing you can gift to your partner.

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1 I vow to love, honor, and cherish you, forsaking all others, as a faithful wife as long as we both shall live.

2 I promise to listen, to hear, and to always consider your feelings and thoughts as we travel together on this journey.

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3 I know I will not always be what you want me to be. I might forget to listen or forget to share. I might not always agree. I might be stubborn and I might be wrongheaded, but I will always love you. I will always strive to be the man you believe I can be.

4 I can’t promise to love you perfectly, but I will love you messily, overwhelmingly, inexorably.

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5 When I am with you everything else is moved into the background. You flood my senses. You are my life, my greatest gift, and my loving husband.

I vow to always protect you from harm, to stand with you against your troubles, and look to you when I need protection.

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Following are some of the most romantic wedding vows to make to him.