6 Reasons Why Women get More Jealous than Men

6 Reasons Why Women get More Jealous than Men

Whenever in a relationship, a woman is bound to get more jealous for her man, rather than the other way round. Although this is changing with passing time, it is still a known fact that women are the more jealous ones of both genders. [ Read: 17 Signs of a #Jealous & Possessive Boyfriend ]

6 Reasons why women get more jealous than men

Why is it that way? It is difficult to say. Men find this trait of women extremely difficult to understand or deal with. Perhaps if they learnt a little bit more about women, they would not judge them as insecure or crazy if she got jealous occasionally.

There can be some reasons which can be pondered over.

  1. Women are more emotional

Women often use their heart in relationship, and not their minds, especially when it comes to their loved ones. They can be extremely emotional about their loved ones and sensitive towards them. They may be brave and strong for the outside world but people whom she loves tend to become their weakness. And anyone trying to get in the way of their relationship is considered as a threat by her and due to her maternal and protective nature, she tries to shun such people off. [ Check out: 10 cute ways to remind your boyfriend that you love him


  1. Men and their wandering ways

Since the beginning of time, men are known to have philandering ways. They seem to have difficulty in being a ‘one woman man’. Also, they can be quite greedy when it comes to girls. The more the better, they think. They don’t have much trouble cheating even. With that thought process about men, any woman can be a bit insecure about the guy she is seeing. A lack of trust can stem in the relationship if a man is always eyeing other females or shows keen interest in every new friend of his girlfriend. This lack of trust can result in pangs of jealousy.

  1. Women compete

Unlike men, who are mostly laid back, women tend to compete with other women in their minds. Be it the better job, better boyfriend, better looks or a better house. In such a case, they absolutely cannot tolerate their man opting for another woman, in her presence. Women are more likely to believe that the ‘other girl’ is more attractive than her in such a case and that is an unbearable thought for her. [ Also read: 7 rules for texting your partner ]

  1. More expressive

It is not that men do not get jealous. They may, but their ego is too huge to even spell it out, leave alone act on it. Since women are more expressive and can be talkative, they tend to come off as more jealous of the two genders. While men get away with it, because they don’t speak about it much or don’t really consider it extremely important. For men, their pride or honour is much more important.

  1. More attractive

Men can be unkempt or shabby but rarely do you see a woman who is shabby about her looks. This makes women insanely attractive, which is why every woman considers every other woman (yes, even their best friends) a potential threat to her relationship. Women don’t trust easily. The single women envy their married friends and the married friends are constantly threatened by those who are single, available and flirty.

  1. Also more possessive

Women are known to be more possessive. They take some time to commit or say ‘yes’ to somebody, but when they do, it is by all heart. So once she is yours, officially – she would like you to be hers the same way. They are more dominating and possessive even about their siblings, their children and even their best friends. So it is not just about the guys, this is the general tendency of women. [Read here:  18 ways of saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ ]

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