6 Reasons: Why Marriage is So Important to Women

6 Reasons: Why Marriage is So Important to Women

Is your girlfriend waiting for you to pop the question? Maybe she is awaiting you to step forward to make the big step. Often men wonder, why women are so hasty about marriage and commitment. Why can’t they just relax? What is about a proposal that makes a lady go gaga for a man?

6 Reasons why marriage is so important to women

It’s not that women are desperate or in a serious need of a big gesture like proposal or marriage. If you think about women from their perspective, you might realize that it’s very natural for women to take marriage more seriously than many men. [ Read: Affairs in a #Marriage and the Big Role of Egos in It


Let’s have a look at six most important reasons why marriages are exciting for a woman:

  1. Childhood dream

Believe it or not, every girl would had a dream since childhood about getting married to a prince charming of her dreams. When she grows up, she learns more and more about marriage, and she built a fancy wedding for herself in her mind. Every girl would have thought of her marriage and how it will be, what she will wear and how she will make herself look adorable. This is inbuilt in every woman. The wedding day, is a topic for many girly conversations and many movies even revolve around how a woman details every bit of her wedding, which in fact is true. [ Read: 6 ways to handle a passive partner ]

  1. Emotional security

With men and their confusing ways, it will be difficult for a women to be without a serious commitment coming from them. Some men can go to the extent of dating a girl for 5 years or more and still freak out if she asks for a marriage. Just like men, women too need emotional security and financial security, but women are more and more independent these days. Women are emotional beings. They need just that one person who’ll be with them through all ups and downs of their lives. Hence they crave for a marriage and emotional union more than a man does.

  1. Parental pressure

Many women face a lot of parental pressure to get married ASAP! Whereas, Men aren’t troubled for marriage as much as women are. Women age faster than men and emotional maturity comes faster to a woman than it does to a man. Hence, they feel the need for marriage much before a man does. Some parents can be extremely nagging about their daughter’s wedding which further adds to their pressure. Parents might also feel that as their daughter gets older, she might turn unattractive to attract a groom who is good enough! [ Read: People often believe that they are in love but they are actually ]

  1. Societal pressure

A woman always waits to catch the bouquet at her friend’s wedding. There is always some amount of societal pressure among women to get married. A single girl who has all her friends married feels more pressurized than probably a single guy does. There is always an aunt or a relative who exclaims how it is too late for her to find a decent guy. Some relatives can also turn cupids and tire out a woman by constantly match-making them with some guy or the other.

  1. Declaration to the world

Marriage, for a woman is merely not a commitment to a man, but is the public declaration of love. Saying vows and accepting a man as ‘her man’ in the presence of her loved ones, is a unique experience every girl wishes to have. It is her declaration to the world that she has finally found love and wishes to have a beautiful life ahead with him.  [ Read: 10 Tips to be a good house husband ]

  1. Maternal instinct

Women have an inborn maternal instinct. They have reasons to marry faster than men may tend do. It is a known fact that conceiving a child becomes more and more difficult for a woman as her age increases. Besides, it is not a very pleasant thought for a woman to have a kid at the age of thirty five or forty. It also becomes increasingly difficult to handle kids with the growing age.

So next time your girlfriend triggers the marriage topic, don’t go huffy all at once. Rather, set back, recall the above and try and understand her even better.