6 Reasons WHY Love at First Sight is More of a Myth than Reality

6 Reasons WHY Love at First Sight is More of a Myth than Reality

Sometimes we feel an instant attraction to somebody we have seen or met just once. It can be at a supermarket, a mall, at the signal in the adjacent car or somebody you saw in a crowd. That image or that moment often stays in our mind. It can be often called as ‘ love at first sight ’. [ Read: Falling Out of Love and Why It Happens to You ]

6 Reasons WHY Love at First Sight is More of a Myth than Reality

It can be described as sheer ‘destiny’ or ‘magic’ by some people who have encountered it. But is it really some magic? These things seem very nice in movies and books, but does it actually happen for real? But again, never say never! There might actually be a few instances of such a phenomenon. But how much of a reality is the whole ‘love at the first sight’ thing? Reasons why it is more of a myth than reality:

  1. Looks don’t count in long term

Recollect ever staring or having a big time crush on someone who is not that good in looks? Love at first sight happens only when the person at other end is extremely beautiful or handsome. And do looks count in the long term? Not really. Obviously, they add fuel to your attraction but don’t really matter in the long run. A person may choose to be in a relationship with someone with far average looks and better chemistry than with someone who looks exuberant and has no chemistry. [ Read: Long Distance Relationship Songs You Should Listen to


  1. Their nature might not be to your liking

Some people, who you think you might have a bond with, become totally different as you get acquainted to them. Their nature might be completely different than what you expected. They could be snobbish, laidback, unkempt, casual or just stupid. First looks and first sights can hardly give you an idea about someone’s personality and nature.

  1. A missed connection

Sometimes when we instantly feel butterflies when we see someone, it can mean something. But what can we do about it? More often than not, that person might be someone you encountered out of nowhere, like in a bus, or a subway. It could be someone at a concert or at a crowded market. You see them at one moment, and the other moment they disappear. What to do next? You don’t even know their name, how do you give this missed connection a chance? It is kind of impractical to find somebody you saw and felt something for, just once. [ Read: 10 Exciting Ways To Find Missed Connection ]

  1. The other person might not feel the ‘same’

 Even if we agree that you have actually fallen in love with somebody with just one look, do you think it is practical to be with that person? Even if somehow you manage to get in touch with them, do you think they feel the same magic, the same love at first sight, like you did? It is highly unlikely. Reciprocation of love at first sight is highly unusual and mostly bookish.

  1. Other person’s relationship status

Just because you saw a beautiful girl alone at the bus stop, doesn’t mean she is single and looking. For all you know, your love at first sight might be married and having kids, engaged or committed to someone. She might be a divorcee and might be going through a tough phase in her life. [ Read: Dammit, Why Doesn’t He Like Me Back? ]

  1. It might just be the circumstances in your life and not love

As the saying goes, we only see what we want to see! There might be a void or loneliness in your life. You might be craving for a relationship with somebody, which is why you made yourself believe that it was the case of love at first sight. It might also be that your friends are all committed and happy, and that you keep listening to the stories of how they met and fell for each other, which might be playing a trick on you. Getting too emotionally involved while watching movies based on love stories or reading them can also make you believe that the same things are happening with you too, in your life.

Thus, we can say that love at first sight is more of a fantasy and a myth than a ground reality. In reality, it takes a lot for people to fall in love or even maintain a relationship with someone they love. It is all about the efforts and understanding you have for each other. If you both are ready to work through any problem in life together, then your love and relationship is much more than an imaginary magical fairy-tale with love at first sight!

Have you ever been in love with somebody at first sight? Share your experiences with us in the comments section.