6 Non Verbal Signs of Love

6 Non Verbal Signs of Love

Love isn’t all about expressing, going all out and screaming I love you. It can be a lot more subtle and deeper by many ways. Some people aren’t as expressive and open as they would like to be. They have silent and non verbal ways of expressing their love for the person they love a lot. They might not say it but if they display some non verbal signs, they surely do love you a lot. They might find it difficult to confess but might hope that you understand their care and affection.

6 Non verbal signs of love

Also, if love is only  about expressing and not doing anything for the person, it makes its value drop.

So let us see some non verbal signs of love and affection, which signify that a person probably is deeply in love with you.

  1. Intense stares and glances

A person who loves you won’t miss a chance of seeing you or staring at you. Make sure, it is in a nice and subtle manner otherwise it could be leering or ogling which is just tacky. Sometimes people who love you can’t take their eyes off you and it just shows that they love to see you. [ Check out: 10 ways to make a guy go crazy for you


  1. They care for you

People who love you care for you and have all the time in the world to spend with you. They would be worried about you or call you up instantly if you had something important some day. They will be there for you when you need them and they encourage you to trust yourself and give your best. They do your homework or try to help you make a presentation for your college. They make you feel better about yourself and cheer you up.

  1. They feel insecure or jealous

They might not say it but they don’t really like it when you get too close to someone else. They don’t feel comfortable when you discuss your boyfriend/girlfriend troubles with them. They miss you when you aren’t around and make excuses to see you or meet you. They have their heart on their sleeve for you. You feel that they distant themselves from you when you don’t give them attention or show your attention on somebody else. [ Read here: 5 Reasons why hardships make love stronger ]

  1. Appreciate you

They appreciate you often. They might praise you and boost your self confidence. They can go on and on about your plus points and make you feel on top of the world. They support you in your endeavors. This behavior is not just in front of you, but they appreciate you or talk good things about you to your parents, your friend circle and other mutual friends. They don’t want to change a thing about you and often say that the person you end up with will be the luckiest person in the world.

  1. They listen to you

The people, who honestly love you, listen to your problems and sad stories for hours together. They seem like the best listeners in the world. They might not be so patient when it comes to their friends, but with you they don’t have any restrictions. They often comfort you and make sure you feel much better before they go.

  1. They try to please you

If you told them once that you would look better in such dresses, they started wearing those. They take your choices and preferences seriously and try to please you. They might get you gifts or something that you terribly wanted. They might even lend their credit cards to you or help you in your finances. They get sad when you are sad and cheer up when you are happy. They try their best to please you, impress you and stand apart in your eyes. [ Read here: 5 Points to keep in mind when dating a divorcee ]

Have you ever encountered such signs of non verbal love with somebody? Share your experiences and opinions with us in the comments section.