5 Ways to Stay Loyal in a Relationship

5 Ways to Stay Loyal in a Relationship

All good relationships are based on mutual trust.  The major factor which keeps a relation going is loyalty. Loyalty to your partner is a must and an absolute essential for a healthy and happy relationship. Being loyal in your relationship is not that difficult. [ Read: How To Be #Loyal In A Long Distance Relationship? ]

5 ways to stay loyal in a relationship

Temptation is hard to resist. It can come in the way of even a successful marriage of over three decades. Also, with the amount of social media and communication platforms available today, one often lets go of own self and often resorts to harmless flirting or teasing with others. This can often lead to attraction and finally a fling or an extra marital affair. [ Read: Say No To Cheating and Yes To Happy Ending


There is no quick mantra or trick to stay loyal to your partner. The only thing that can help you stay loyal is immense love, respect and honesty between both partners.

People bring dogs home because dog is a loyal creature. It remains faithful until the end. If an animal like dog can remain loyal to their masters for its whole life time, why can’t we humans care for our beloved partner in spite of them investing so much in us in every way?

Let’s see a few ways which will help you stay loyal to your partner.

  1. Avoid temptation

Don’t put somebody on a pedestal and start admiring them so much that you become obsessed with them and stop recognizing the reality. If somebody is making passes at you, avoid them. Tell them clearly and concisely that you are engaged, in a relationship or are married. If they still don’t get it, tell them you love your partner a lot. In fact, it is better to communicate of such situations to your partner. They might help you deal with these things. Don’t ever make one to one dinner or outing plans with the men or women you really like and there might be a slightest chance that you may give in. [ Check out: 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Relationship TODAY ]

  1. Think of long term consequences

Few moments of blissful cheating can spoil an entire lifetime of happiness and content. Not just for you, but also for your partner. Don’t go for pleasure, go for perseverance. Think how it might affect your children, your relatives, your career and most of all, your partner.

  1. Remember your partner

Maybe you don’t have the spark in your relationship with your partner any more. But that does not give you the liberty to have a fling or take your partner for granted. Always remember the blissful moments you have spent with your partner. If she is your wife, remember how she works hard all day at home and might be waiting for you. Remember her smile, and how your one act of selfishness can turn her world upside down. Wear your promise rings, your engagement rings to remember yourself that you aren’t alone anymore. Your life is attached to someone other’s as well. Keep a photo of your partner in your wallet or on your office desk. Alternatively, wearing a locket with your partner’s photo or wearing something he or she gifted you, will constantly remind you of the special bond that you share. [ Also read: 7 Ways To Start Healing Your Relationship After an Affair ]

  1. Always involve your partner

Involve your boyfriend or girlfriend when you go out with friends or at office parties. Take them with you when you plan picnics with friends or a trek. This will help everyone know your partner and realize that you are totally and madly in love with them. Alternatively, you can always speak of your partner to somebody you think is hitting on you. They might get the hint and back off. Be open about your relationship. Use a picture of both of you as your Facebook profile picture or on WhatsApp too. Share your feelings and fears with your partner.

  1. Engage a therapist

Everyone faces temptations and might also give in to it sometimes, but coming out of it honestly and with the will to improve is like coming out a winner. Share your problems with your companion. Also, engage a therapist who might help you realize the importance of your committed relationship. [ Read here: 7 Ways to Express Yourself and Keep a Healthy Relationship ]

How important is loyalty to you when in a relationship? Share your views and experiences with us in the comments section.