10 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

10 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

Every boyfriend wants to make her girlfriend feel special. They try doing a lot of things but end up realizing that what they did was not enough. They would then search for various other ways and would get worried after not being able to do so.

10 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

The following ways will be very helpful to you and you would soon get to hear from her that you made her feel very special!

  1. Do appreciate her:

Whether it is her dress or the new haircut that she has got, do notice every little change in her appearance and compliment her. Be very frank and tell not only what suits her looks but also on what is not her type. It would give her a feeling that you are very concerned about her and speak out frankly the truth. [ Check out: 7 Romantic Ways To Say Good Morning To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend


  1. Get involved into her world:

In order to make her realize how special she is try to get involved into her world and get to know every minute things, but without interfering too much. Just be a very patient listener and observer. Try to remember the name of the persons to whom she introduces you and pay interest in whatever she talks about them. At a later date when you would inquire about how her close friends are doing or where they are, she would feel special. She will appreciate you for taking interest in her talks.

  1. Gift something thoughtful:

Don’t believe that the best gifts are always expensive. A small gift with lots of emotions attached to it can make a girl feel special, also try to gift something which she would find very helpful. Consider what she needs the most and just surprise her up by gifting it. Each time she uses it, she would simply remember you and would thank you for making her feel so special.

  1. Help her to do things she likes:

Since you know her likes and dislikes, do make it sure that you give her enough opportunities to do the things she likes. If she likes to enjoy walking, do take her for short walks regularly. If she is busy doing the things she likes then she would feel very happy and would thank you for that. She would come more close to you for making her feel so special.

  1. Plan something that would surprise her:

How about taking her for a long drive at the middle of the night? That would really surprise her and always believe that everyone loves to get surprised. Do always be eager to plan something which would surprise her. Even for big events, like pretend to forget her birthday, tell her you would be out on that particular day and then when the day arrives that notice the shine in her face to see you. That would be a very special moment for her. [ Also read: 10 Cute Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend ]

  1. Make her realize how important she is:

Always talk to her and make her realize how important she is in your life. How you were able to achieve so many things in your life, how you started enjoying life, let her know that it was she for whom you have become such a happy and satisfied man today. She would also feel happy and feel special for the fact that you give her so much importance in life.

  1. Do spend time with her:

Don’t make her feel ever that you are ignoring her or not paying much attention. Be always ready to stand by her side whenever she needs you. you should not be too busy to inform her when you would be free and then do remember to get in touch with her at the promised time. It would be better if you will communicate before the said time. This would make her feel that you are really concerned about her happiness.

  1. Take care of her:

 Take care of her. Help her in getting things done. To become a good partner you need to make her realize that it’s her happiness that matters to you a lot. It would also be better if you care not only about her but also for all other persons in her life. Like her parents, her brothers and sisters but also keep in mind not to become too caring for that would sometimes be not helpful. Keep it always short and simple.

  1. Be equally passionate about her dreams:

By now you must have come to know about her dreams and aspirations in life. Do own them for her and give full respect. Help her in transforming the dreams into reality. Make her realize that you are equally passionate about her goals in life. This would really mean a lot to her.

  1. Never disappoint her :

Although that is very tough but try to make sure that she is never sad about something when you are with her. Let her forget all the pains or problems that she has, and if you are able to do that then no one can be more special to her than you.

The above ways would not only make her feel special but also make the bond between you both become stronger. [ Read here: 8 Cool Gifting Ideas For Your Girlfriend ]

Did you apply these and made her feel special. Let us know.