6 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Dress Better

6 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Dress Better

A person’s attire speaks a lot and hence a good dressing sense is always required to build up a strong and appealing personality. When the question comes about the dressing sense of your boyfriend then you need to be a lot more conscious, and see that your man of love dresses well. Do you want him to dress well and look well?

6 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Dress Better

You attended a party with him and you hated the way he dressed and always find it difficult to make your man look great, then consider trying the tips provided below:

  1. Ask him to dress comfortably:

Talk to him about the most basic rule of all, dress the way you feel comfortable and not how you look. Let him breathe out of those extra tight shirts that he wears only because you had once told him that how cute he looked on them! Do clear up the misconceptions as soon as possible. Uncomfortable dresses would not only make a person look odd but can also lower the confidence level of a person to a great extent. Most of the time you would find himself adjusting his shirt or trousers or something else and that would simply deviate him from concentrating on the work that he is supposed to do. So, talk to him and do say that he would still look cute sporting something more relaxing something more airy. Everyone has got a different physique, help him understand that. [ Check out: 13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend


  1. Shop for him:

Don’t hesitate to shop for him. Decide the type of clothes that would suit him and buy them. When he decides to go shopping, accompany him, help him select the things that would look best on him. Try to remove the confusions that he would likely create in picking up the best cloth for himself. If he looks good in branded things but doesn’t believe in investing, then try to gift him. Be his costume designer and spend some time in deciding the clothes for him.

  1. Support whatever he wears:

If he is comfortable wearing certain type of dresses then do not demoralize him by saying something ill of it. For he loves you and if you show a red card to the dress he has put on then he might refrain from wearing such type of clothing again , even if he was comfortable wearing them. Let him have his own unique style statement. Support his dressing sense. Appreciate what he is wearing. Let him stand out as a person with unique identity in the crowd.

  1. Don’t say and clean up his old styled wardrobe

You are tired of seeing the same old clothes in his wardrobe and he doesn’t get rid of them even after you have urged him to do so , then it is time  to do the job yourself. Don’t say him, and just one fine morning open up his wardrobe and just pack up all the old clothes that you feel out dated and don’t hesitate to donate it to someone for a good cause. Well, do be ready to refill the wardrobe with the sort of clothes that would suit best on him. You have to take up the responsibility to give his wardrobe a modern touch. [ Also read: 10 tips on How to keep your CRUSH interested ]

  1. Be naughty and describe about the dressing style of the actor you love:

To get jealous is deeply rooted in the human brains. Just go for it and utilize it for some good purpose. Appreciate about the dressing sense of one or two actors in front of him in such a way that he gets jealous on them and just wait for a magic to happen. Very soon you would find him dressed up like the way you described about your favorite actor. Though keep in mind that he looks good in them, if it is not so then let him know without thinking much.

  1. Tell him how best he could look in a particular wardrobe:

Once he wore half sleeve shirt and he looked best, but after that you never saw him wearing half sleeves again, well then don’t hesitate to let him know about it. For sometimes negligence can hide up the best things that are supposed to be revealed. Help him out to experiment and wear dresses in a different that can make him look good. For example if he prefers to wear a tie then let him try a bow tie instead. [ Read here: 10 ways to get a guy to ask you out ]

We must always believe in the golden rule of life that is to eat according to your own wish but dress according to others wish provided you are always comfortable sporting them. Try adopting the aforesaid steps and give your boyfriend a makeover. Teach him the art of looking best. Change is always a necessary part of our life. At least do take the initiative and help someone in looking good.