10 Ways to Be the Best Wife

10 Ways To Be The Best Wife

A wife has to do lot to keep the relationship healthy throughout. It is not difficult to be a wife, but to be good one you have to possess certain qualities. Don’t be disheartened if your husband doesn’t consider you a good wife, just try to implement the tips given below and be rest assured that you, too, can be a good wife.

10 Ways To Be Best Wife

  1. Take interest in his likes:

Even though you don’t understand anything about stock markets, do give your husband company if he is interested. Just smile and lend a patient ear to the facts and figures that he keeps talking about. If he is keen on watching soccer matches, do sit beside him and let him know that you are enjoying it too. So begin taking interest in his interests. [ Check out: 6 Reasons Why Marriage Is So Important To Women


  1. Try to be handy in serving:

Help him out in stacking up that bundle of official papers, lay out clothes from his wardrobe and keep his office bag and keys ready when he is about to leave for office. Don’t let any type of frustration creep into his mind if he is unable to find certain things. Come to his rescue immediately. It would be best if you could figure out the things that he always uses the most and arrange them in a way so that helps him out in his time of need.

  1. Give him more love:

Don’t compromise, when it comes to loving him. Each and every time, try to get closer to his heart. Give him more love, don’t make him sad for any reason whatsoever. Let him open up to you as much as possible, and that’s only possible with your non-stop showering of love. Give him a thousand reasons to say that he loves you more than anything else.

  1. Keep surprising him:

Don’t be drab and predictable. Do surprise him with new things each time. For example, bring about a change in how you cook and what you cook for him. Do your best. If you sing well, sing him a romantic song. Do something new with your hair, try wearing something special for him. Keep him wanting more!

  1. Be his best friend:

Try to become his best friend. Let him bank upon you in any situation. Make him feel relaxed by taking away all his stress and worries. If you become a best friend to him then he would probably not hide anything from you, whether good or bad. You will see that he will speak out everything to you like a child. So bring out the child inside him by becoming his best friend. [ Also read: 6 Ways To Handle A Passive Partner ]

  1. Make his dreams your own:

Ask him about what his dreams are, and help him realize and achieve them with your support. If he deviates from his path, bring him back and remind him of the goals that he is working hard towards. Make all his dreams your own, and start doing your bit in helping him turn them into reality.

  1. Never forget small anniversaries and dates:

Try to figure out every important date in his life and surprise him up by celebrating those, no matter how small it is. For example, celebrate the date when he graduated, celebrate when he bought his first car and others. Make him celebrate each day of his life as a special day.

  1. Take the family responsibilities upon yourself:

Don’t bother him about the household problems that you yourself can solve. Let him feel relaxed. Try to manage small things yourself, like shopping, dropping the kids to school and bringing them back and other household work. If he stays with his parents then treat them like your own and care about them as much as he would. You will see the freshness on his face when he comes to know that you are taking good care of his parents.

  1. Work on yourself:

Avoid the same old and monotonous ‘you’. Try to work on yourself, not only the way you appear but also the way you talk to him. Flirt with him, even though you are already married. Bring back the freshness in your relationship.

  1. Support him always:

Whether he is going through a good phase or a bad one, do always support him and be by his side. Make him realize that no matter how much tension he feels outside, there’s someone waiting back home to take away all the worries. Talk to him when he is sad. Motivate him when he’s feeling low. Appreciate him when he is promoted. [ Read here: Relationship – There are times in LIFE when ONE has to WALK AWAY ]

Try to follow these tips and begin implementing them in your life from today itself. You would then soon be able to hear from him that you are the ‘ best wife in the world.’ Let us know your views in the comments section.