5 Ways to be a Better Son!

5 Ways to be a Better Son!

Do you only remember your parents on Father’s day and Mother’s day or visit them only when they are terribly ill? Do you think you are too busy with work and family life to be easily excused for not caring for your parents? Well, the truth is that your parents are the ones who made you capable to be on your own, and now it is your duty to give them back as a son. They have spent all their lives caring for you as well as meeting your needs and demands.

Ways to be a Better Son

So how can you try to be a better son and try to keep them happy now?

Here are some ways:

  1. Share your personal life with them

Most parents complain that their son doesn’t share anything about his personal life. They deserve to know about your personal life and advancements. If you are in a serious relationship with someone, sharing the news with your parents will make them feel important and valued.  Similarly, sharing things about your friends, best friends or girlfriend and making them meet your parents will be a great experience for them. Some guys might feel that it is so girly to share everything with your parents. It is absolutely not! In fact it is a sign of a great bonding between you and them. They will be able to better understand you instead of assuming things, if you will share with them.

  1. Accompany them at important events

Often, your parents have to attend social functions of their own friends & relatives, sometimes accompanying them for these functions can make them tremendously happy. It is only a matter of joy for them to be able to introduce you in their social circles. Also, if you are receiving an award or being felicitated for your achievements, make sure to take your parents with you to such an event, cause no matter how old you get, these things will always make your parents proud of you!

  1. Spend quality time with them

Usually parents feel that their son doesn’t have any time for them anymore. Yes, it is obvious that you have your work, personal life and friend circle, but spending time with parents is equally important. It is even more essential if you have only one parent. Mothers are always more fond of their sons and fathers more fond of their daughters. You can find various ways to spend time with them. Cooking a meal for them or having tea together, playing a game of scrabble or taking them for a walk, bonding over golf or watching an old movie. There are just too many options.

  1. Encourage them

Parents are most affected by what their children tell them, be it positive or negative. You can encourage your parents, to indulge in their hobbies, take care of their health, join a yoga class or build their own social circle. Your encouragement will prod them to take up their dreams they had given away while they got busy in their lives. You must tell them that this is their age to relax and enjoy life, to travel and also try different things.

  1. Financial help if needed

It can be that your parents don’t have much savings and have retired from their jobs. They might have exhausted all their financial resources while saving up for your good education and hobbies. They will not ask anything from you, out of self respect, but it is your duty in that case to provide them with sufficient financial help or at least offer it to them. Many a sons think that if they are financially aiding their parents, they don’t need to do anything else. That is a very wrong thought process. It can hurt your parents and make them feel very needy. You must be a responsible and loving son, only then they will gladly accept your financial help without any resentment.

Would you like to share something you do for your parents that brings a sparkle in their eyes? Kindly share it with us in the comments section.