5 Tips To Build Your Self Esteem

5 Tips to Build Your Self Esteem

It is truly said that if you believe in yourself, the world will believe in you. If you can’t accept yourself, there is not a likely chance that others will accept you, much less adore you. It is extremely important to love oneself, respect oneself and build your self esteem. Some people have a really low esteem because of various reasons. It could be due to their appearance, their career, their background or a string of broken relationships. There are so many people in the world who are adored by the whole world, despite all of these factors. Look at all our celebrities. Most of them have had too many affairs to even count, but people still adore them. There are business tycoons or politicians who don’t look any good, but people still like them for their work and thought process. It is not what you have done, or not done, but how can you manage to make people accept you that counts. If you believe in yourself, people will buy your thoughts. If you are unconfident about yourself, people will not put their faith in you. [ Read: Solitude is the Key To Happiness. ]

5 Tips To Build Your Self Esteem

There are many ways to build your self esteem. Let me list out a few of them.

  1. Accept yourself

Some people are born dark, some people gain weights due to emotional turbulence, some people have thin hair, and some people are much shorter than they would actually like. The lists of flaws in the human body are countless. Instead of highlighting and cursing every flaw in you, accept yourself. Make yourself acceptable and adorable. If you accept your own flaws and highlight your strengths, people will see them too. To be at peace or at comfort, you have to be comfortable and in love with your own self in the first pace, without which the whole idea of building self esteem will fall apart. [ Read: Overthinking Will Destroy Your Mood.


  1. Do more outdoor activity than indoor activity

You might love to hang out with your laptop, television or play station, but it is important to do more outdoor activities, for a better development. Restrict your indoor time and make sure you do outdoor things. Do things like going for a walk, going for shopping, taking your dog out, and going for a picnic or a trek. Outdoor activities will make you healthy and make you meet more people than you could by sitting at your home around your furniture. Outdoor activities boost self confidence and esteem.

  1. Plan your day

When you wake up early morning, spend about ten minutes planning your entire day. This will lead to a better time management or a better utilization of your day. Also, you would give enough time for yourself to work, work out, relax and socialize. This kind of planning on a day to day basis, enhances the lifestyle in an overall manner. [ Read: Find out are Insecure Men Worth Dating? ]

  1. Think about yourself > family, home

Everybody has many responsibilities, be it with their family, children or home. But that doesn’t mean you completely forget taking care of your own self. It is important to concentrate on your well being and keep your interests alive. Meet as many people you can. Invite people to your home. Hosting parties is a good way of socializing. Keep a tab on the latest happenings around the world. Don’t stay in a shell in your own sweet dreamy word. It is important to be in touch with the reality of worldwide events.


This is probably the most important tip for building self esteem. Don’t ever underestimate yourself. Going on a guilt trip or a pity trip about yourself, will shake your self esteem. Don’t think that you are less than anyone. This is the secret of highly successful people. Remember that most successful businessmen were drop outs from college or school. Believe in yourself, your ability. For if you don’t, no one ever will. [ Read: 10 Big Signs of Emotional Abuse You May Be Overlooking ]

How do you keep your self esteem high and what are some activities that help you boost your confidence? Share with us in the comments section.