7 Signs He Is Falling In Love With You

7 Signs He Is Falling In Love With You

Still confused about whether he is in love with you or not?

Well, you need not peep into his heart to know the truth (also, it isn’t medically advised), but his activities would definitely help you get all the answers. If you find the following seven signs in a person who is connected to you then it is very possible that he is falling in love with you, no matter what he says.

7 Signs He Is Falling In Love With You

  1. Always shows you a lot of respect:

No matter where you are – college, marketplace, park; and no matter who you’re with – surrounded by friends or even alone, he will always show you a lot of respect and try to make the environment around you pleasant, making you feel like a real princess.  He always introduces you to his friends or colleagues with a lot of enthusiasm and expects equal respect in return. He never fails to praise you in public, or to express how much he loves you. [ Check out: 10 ways to make a guy go crazy for you


  1. Trying to put in that extra bit of effort:

Big or small, he always tries to put that extra bit of effort in everything related to you. You can always depend on him to get any of your jobs done and he gives his best plus something extra just to please you. Ask him to bring you a rose, and he’ll bring you a bouquet. Ask him to drop you at the shopping center, and he’ll accompany you inside and help you carry the bags. He would leave no stone unturned, when it comes to helping you out.

  1. Always ready to compromise:

No matter how serious or long the argument, he’s always willing to compromise and see through your eyes. You are the only thing he’s concerned about. For example, do observe that he would order the food you love, even if it isn’t his favorite. It’s hardly a big deal for him to sacrifice this much to see you happy.

  1. Takes care of you:

Mention that you’re unwell, and you’re bombarded with tons of questions like “What happened?” “Have you taken any medicine?”, “Why didn’t you tell me?”, and so on. He would sometimes behave like your mother and would not mind getting angry on you for not taking proper care of your health. A small cut would appear big to him. Not just physical care, he would even take care of your feelings. He would never say what you dislike and would never do anything that would hurt you. Sometimes he would even hold your hand to help you cross the road.

  1. Expresses his feelings frankly:

If he is angry with you, he will let you know without keeping things bottled up inside him. He believes in pouring out his true feelings to you.  If he is happy about something, you would be the first one to know about it. He always keeps you in mind and sometimes his actions and thoughts revolve only around you. In case he did something wrong, he would immediately apologize to you without giving it a second thought, once again because he doesn’t want to lose you. [ Also read: 21 ways to start a conversation with the guy you like ]

  1. Always looking for reasons to talk to you:

Don’t be surprised if he calls you in the middle of the night just to ask what you were doing. It clearly indicates that he doesn’t get tired of thinking about you. As soon as he gets up in the morning, he first texts you or calls you to say ‘good morning’ and keeps texting throughout the day at regular intervals, about anything at all. Even if he is invited to a party, he would call you to ask what he should be wearing. He’s never out of touch.

  1. You are more important to him:

The only thing that he is concerned about is you, you’re at the top of his priority list. Sometimes you may even be surprised to see that he skipped work just because you were bored and needed someone to talk to. He would not mind skipping a meal just to take your call. He’s always thinking about your feelings.

Next time you find these signs in someone, don’t ignore them. These are clear signs that he is falling in love with you. He may deny it, but give him some time and you’ll know how he truly feels. [ Read here: 6 Non verbal signs of love ]

So has someone been giving you these signs lately? Do reply in the comments section to share your views and experiences!