5 Rules Of Being Friends With Benefits


5 Rules Of Being Friends With Benefits

Do you want to be in a relationship where you can enjoy the benefits of being friends without any obligation. Are you looking for a relationship where there is no strings attached? In present tine people are more inclined towards being friends with benefits than being in a genuine relationship. This is can be seen as the harsh reality of this very generation. They want someone who can give everything but never ask anything in return. People have become so cool about getting indulge in such short term relationships.

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5 Rules Of Being Friends With Benefits -likelovequotes

Rules To be Kept In Mind

LikeLoveQuotes.com is here to help its readers know that there are some rules which you should keep in mind before you plan to be hooked with someone just for benefits.

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#1 Avoid Hooking Up with neighbour:
Make sure that you don’t get hooked up with your next door neighbour. This is because it will make things awkward and difficult afterwards. In order to avoid this awkwardness you need to keep in mind getting indulged to someone too close will not be a good idea.

#2 Don’t Give Yourself False Hope:
Yes, this is what happens more often when one gets into such a relation. They tend to keep false from the relationship.  We start to believe that may be this relationship will get to something more than it is.

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#3 Think Twice:
This one of the most important thing you really need to keep in mind that you need to be extremely sure that the person you are getting indulged is right or not. This will help you save all the trouble that you may face in the future.

#4 Should be Unknown Person:
This is another rule you need to keep in mind that your friend with benefits should not be unknown to your friends and family. He should be far from your social circle.

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#5 Don’t Panic:
You should not panic if you see your friend with someone else. Don’t think he is cheating on you. He is not. He has not given you any commitment. And this makes them friends with benefits.