5 Reasons Why Most Women Don’t Find A Real Gentleman


5 Reasons Why Most Women Don’t Find A Real Gentleman

Often we find that women reject men when they try to approach them? Have you ever wondered why? There are many reasons why women take such a step. It becomes very difficult for every man to express their feelings to their partners. This further give rise in men weather the proposal would be accepted by their partner or not. This confusion creates an atmosphere of anxiety and curiosity. LikeLoveQuotes.com brings to you some of the common reasons why girls don’t find a real gentleman. Keep Reading and Keep Exploring

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5 Reasons Why Most Women Don't Find A Real Gentleman

 Why Women Reject Men ?

Girls are very protective when it comes to choosing their partner. They have a habit of saying no to boys they think that they are not worth being in their life. They do not feel secure being with them. Hence, they reject proposals of men.

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#1 Lack of Sense of Security:
One of the things that any girl would desire from her partner is sense of security. They are always looking foe a man who can give them the feeling that they are always safe whenever you will be around them. Women hate men who make them feel uncomfortable and try to harm them.

#2 Trust Factor:
Second reason why girls don’t find a real gentleman is that these days we see many boys or men getting involved in two timings. They are not honest enough in their relationship. So, girls find it hard to trust them. Trust is the pillar of any relationship. The more the men will hesitate in giving trust to their partners the more will the girls find them unworthy of any commitment.

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#3 Male Chauvinist:
The third reason why women don’t find any real gentlemen because of the male chauvinism that exist in the society. The males of the society consider themselves to be superior to them. And they want that the things should move according to their own will.

#4 Curb the Desires:
What happens usually is that men try to force their desires and wishes on them. They make them curb their own desires. Women think that a real gentlemen is the one who let them do things according to their own will.

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#5 Own Space:
This is one of the problems that ever girl encounter at certain point of time. Being in relationship does not mean that we have to rule someone’s life. Giving equal space to each other is extremely important.

Thus, all the above reasons are enough to make you understand that why women don’t find real gentlemen. The real gentleman is the one who make their partner feel that they are there with them in every adventure.