5 Reasons Why Time with Her Girlfriends is Important to Women

5 Reasons Why Time with Her Girlfriends is Important to Women

When Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda discussed their lives together, it only made people realize that the bond every girl shares with her girlfriends are very precious and important. They shared everything under the sun and always had each other to lean on. Be it marriage, divorce, separation, careers, boyfriends, bosses, insecurities, weird habits or their crushes – no topic was left untouched whenever it was GAL time! [ Read: Ladies, Let’s Spend Some Time Alone? ]

5 Reasons Why Time with Her Girlfriends is Important to Women

So evidently, the time spent with girlfriends is important to every woman in the world. It relaxes them and prepares them to face the world yet again. It helps them heal their wounds and share their worries and anxieties. Women are sensitive and emotional beings, however they can be extremely strong when they choose to be. Girlfriends motivate each other and advise them for their betterment. The problems that a woman faces in her routine life, be it emotional harassment, physical harassment, being hit on, being stalked, raising a child or the monthly pain that she endures can only be understood by another woman.

If you are not spending enough time with you girl pals, dear lady, you are missing out on a lot of fun and companionship.

Reasons why girlfriend time is important to women –

  1. Girl to girl talk

There are so many things that girls would prefer talking about only with their girlfriends and not male buddies! They have too much to talk about. It could be about a great coffee shop nearby, a new recipe, beauty tips, cooking tips, interior decoration advice or something about their brand new dress. Most men do not have the patience or interest to hear or discuss such things, which makes it a dull experience for the women, and nothing is a bigger buzz-kill than an uninterested audience. Women want someone who can be their partner in crime or someone who’s equally enthusiastic about the things that she is. [ Read: 6 Reasons Why Men Love Alone Time


  1. Letting guards down

Women always have their guards up. They do not blab until they absolutely trust the person sitting across them. But with close girlfriends, a girl can talk about the silliest of things that have happened to her. It could be about how she embarrassed herself or even how she got dumped. She can let her heart out and even cry to her gals without the fear of being judged by them.

  1. Bond of friendship

A man and a woman can be great friends, but there is always a possibility of it turning into something romantic or the possibility of jealousy raising its ugly head. These things may hurt either of the two people. Thus the bond of friendship that a girl enjoys with another girl is irreplaceable. They can spend hours together at a mall, at a shoe store, at a dress showroom. They can spend days together discussing wedding plans and gifts! Girls can spend their time watching silly movies which men consider ‘lame’ without being judged. [ Read: Things Every Guy should Know about Girls ]

  1. Latest happenings

Girls always discuss the social circle they are a part of. It could be their ex college buddies or their room-mates, whether someone they hate gained a few kilos or some girl they knew got married recently. Men would hardly be interested in such things and thus, it is pointless to discuss such happenings of social circles with them. Clearly, they wouldn’t understand the importance if a girl you hated having gained weight or if you were asked to be the maid of honor at your cousin’s wedding!

  1. Career Chat

Women are more career-oriented today than they ever were. They lead a wholesome work life and they have to balance it with their home and personal lives. What serves as a relief is that you have friends with whom you can share your work problems and career issues. They can give you genuine advice and it will pep you up to go to work the next day! [ Read: 7 Most Powerful Ways to Combat and Break Out of Loneliness ]

What’s your take on this post? How often do you women get together with your gal pals? Share with us in the comments section.