5 Reasons Why Being Single is Not so Bad

5 Reasons Why Being Single is Not so Bad

“Are you still single?”, “When will you settle down?”, “Isn’t it about time you found someone and got married?” I’m sure most single people must have heard this at some point of time. Families tend to get more and more worried as time goes by, if their sons/daughters will, at all, get hitched. What adds to the woes very often is that at least your friends and colleagues seem to be getting married/engaged every other day! [ Read: 12 Lines Singles Are Tired Of Listening!]

5 Reasons why being single is not so bad

But is being single as bad as it is made out to be? Many would differ. Many would say that being single is their preferred way of living, given the complete independence and space that comes with it. It’s a journey of its own kind, just like being in a relationship is. [ Read: Celebrate Valentine’s Day, The Singles Way!


Let’s look at a few reasons why being single is not bad at all!

  1. Free as a bird

The independence and freedom experienced when you’re single is unmatched. You are only answerable to yourself, are free to manage your time in your own way, don’t need to check on anyone else’s schedule or preferences while making any plans, have all the space you need and can flirt with or go out on a date with whoever you want, whenever you want! [ Read: Possible Reasons You’re Still ESingle and Struggling]

  1. Emotional Chaos

Just imagine the amount of emotional chaos you are saving yourself from. Being in a committed relationship may have its plus points, but there are numerous disadvantages too. Disagreements, jealousy and fights are just a few of the issues that are bound to come up in a relationship. It’s true that the comfort of being with someone you love doesn’t exist when you’re single, but at least you’re free from all the emotional turmoil that a relationship brings.

  1. Time to build your own self

While others are busy investing time in their relationships, you can follow your passions. Go on a trip alone, do all the adventurous things you’ve always wanted to do, do what you love doing the most, as well as what you’ve dreamt of. Relationships don’t always last, but time spent on developing the person you are can never be a waste. [ Read: Being #Single Is Fun – 13 Reasons to Prove it!]

  1. Excel at work

The lack of emotional responsibility gives you the chance to stay late at work, work harder and give your 200% at your job. Believe it or not, people who are in relationships are often over-stressed at work. Since you are single, you can use all your energy and concentration to excel at your workplace and make the impression you need to!

  1. No ups and downs

Being in a relationship can make life full of twists and turns. This can affect the focus of a person, as well as their energy levels. Constant upbeat behavior or shattered behavior can make you an unpleasant and unpredictable person. People like to be around people who can manage themselves well. Being too happy or too sad isn’t good for health. [ Read: Ways to Love Your Singlehood!]

Why is being single frowned upon? What are your views about this post? Please share in the comments section!